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Agricultural seeders are indispensable equipment in modern agricultural production.
It can help farmers improve planting efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
Whether it’s a push-type rice transplanter, a tractor seeder, a hand-operated seeder, or a walk-behind rice transplanter,
They all have their own advantages and scope of application.
Choose a seeder that suits your farm size and planting needs.
It will help improve agricultural production efficiency and promote agricultural development.
Our platform can provide a variety of agricultural machinery and equipment, whether for small household use,
It can satisfy both large-scale farmland and large-scale farmland. Welcome to inquire about product details.
I believe ANON can provide everyone with a satisfactory solution.

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The ANON platform can provide farmers with various types of seeder equipment.
Supports hand push transplanter, its operation is very convenient, only one person needs to push the machine to insert the seeds into the soil.
This kind of seeder is suitable for small farmland, especially in mountainous areas or places with steep terrain.
Secondly, the walking rice transplanter is a special seeding equipment for rice planting.
It can help farmers insert rice seedlings into paddy fields quickly and accurately, improving planting efficiency.
At the same time, we have also prepared manual seeders for home farm users.
It is suitable for small agricultural fields or home gardens and can be manually operated to insert seeds accurately into the soil.
Its advantages include flexible operation, labor saving and low cost.
Finally, for equipment needed for large farmland, we also have tractor seeder equipment,
It can be connected to a tractor to complete sowing, soil covering and other tasks in one trip.
Tractor seeders have the advantages of high efficiency and high degree of automation, and can complete a large amount of planting work in a short time.
It can also be adjusted as needed to adapt to the planting requirements of different crops.

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