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Color Sorter Series

Rice color sorter is a new type of agricultural machinery and equipment.
It uses advanced optical technology and electronic technology to accurately screen and classify rice.
Thereby improving the quality and added value of rice.
It is widely used in rice processing plants, food processing enterprises, large supermarkets and other places.
It can greatly improve the quality and added value of products and meet consumers’ demand for high-quality rice.
At the same time, the rice color sorter can also switch between multiple modes according to customer needs.
to accommodate different types and varieties of rice.
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The rice color sorter provided by the ANON platform can quickly and accurately detect impurities, broken particles, off-color particles, etc. present in rice.
and separates it, resulting in clean, complete, high-quality rice with consistent color.
The machine uses high-quality raw materials and precise processing technology,
It has high reliability and stability and long service life.
It is easy to operate and can be operated and maintained without professional technicians.
Through advanced energy-saving technology, energy consumption and pollution emissions can be reduced, complying with environmental protection requirements.
It can bring higher benefits and value to the rice processing industry.
Choose a high-quality rice color sorter,
Will bring more advantages and opportunities to your production.
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Color Sorter Series

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Color Sorter Series


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