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The main function of agricultural seeders is to carry out planting operations on cultivated land.
Improve crop production efficiency and quality.
Our products include crop seeders, tractor seeders,
There are many types of riding rice transplanters, manual rice transplanters, rice rice transplanters, etc.
ANON equipment is equipped with advanced intelligent control system,
Automated, digital, and intelligent operation and management can be achieved.
Our planter equipment covers a wide range of types and can meet everyone’s farmland seeding needs.
If you have any questions about our equipment, you can call or leave a message through the official website for details.
I believe our professionals will give you a satisfactory answer.

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Providing quality products and services.

ANON can provide a variety of planter equipment to meet different types of work needs.
Our crop seeders are suitable for planting various crops, such as wheat, corn, beans, oilseeds, etc.
This seeder has efficient and precise sowing performance.
It can complete multiple steps such as tilling, sowing seeds, and covering soil at one time.
Greatly improve production efficiency.
At the same time, we also provide riding rice transplanters suitable for planting in small areas of farmland such as rice fields and vegetable fields.
This rice transplanter has an intelligent and automated operation method and is easy to operate, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
If your farmland is not large, manual rice transplanters or rice transplanter equipment are suitable for planting in small farmlands and mountainous farmlands.
This rice transplanter adopts a lightweight and easy-to-operate design, which effectively reduces labor intensity.
Suitable for areas with scarce human resources.

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The use of high quality materials ensures the durability and long life of the products. Undergoes a sophisticated craftsmanship and manufacturing process to ensure compliance with high standards and customer expectations

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We have an experienced professional team that can provide customers with professional consultation and support to ensure that they choose the most suitable rice mill model.

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Our after-sales team is always customer-centric, providing quick responses and solutions to ensure customers' smooth progress during use.


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