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Winnower have a wide range of applications and are mainly used in grain processing, seed processing, feed processing and other industries.
It can effectively improve the quality and commerciality of grains, reduce production costs and improve economic benefits.
The grain air separator provided by the ANON platform is a device used to remove impurities and light matter from grains.
It adopts wind and gravity sorting principles,
It can effectively remove dust, weeds, residues, and other impurities in grains.
Improve the quality and marketability of grains.
In order to meet market demand, we also launched a new cocoa bean winnowing machine.
Designed for grain cleaning and screening.
Through the powerful wind force, impurities can be separated efficiently to ensure the purity and quality of the grains.

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The cocoa bean air separator provided by the ANON platform is a professional cleaning equipment.
Designed to meet the high quality requirements of the food industry for grain cleaning and screening.
It can quickly and effectively remove impurities, stones, branches and other unwanted substances from grains.
It is easy to operate, adopts intelligent control system, has intuitive operation interface and humanized design.
Even for inexperienced operators, it is easy to get started.
It can also save time and labor costs.
This winnower will become your right assistant to improve work efficiency and ensure product quality.
We also offer other types of agricultural machinery and equipment, if you have any questions about our equipment,
You can leave a message online or call us for product details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

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