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ANON rice packaging machine is an efficient and intelligent professional equipment that provides perfect packaging solutions for rice production companies.
This machine is widely praised in the industry for its excellent performance, advanced technology and excellent quality.
Our rice packaging machine adopts advanced automation technology,
It can realize high-speed packaging and greatly improve production efficiency.
Compared with traditional packaging methods, it can complete the packaging process quickly,
Reduce manual operation time and reduce labor costs.
Not only that, this machine also has a variety of packaging modes to choose from,
It can be adjusted according to different needs to meet the packaging requirements of rice of different specifications and varieties.
Farmers in need are welcome to inquire about product details.
We can provide a variety of packaging sizes to choose from to meet everyone’s needs.

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The three sensors of the ANON platform rice packaging machine greatly improve the stability and anti-interference ability.
Provides high-speed, high-precision weighing and packaging.
Whether it is small-scale production or large-scale production, rice packaging machines can meet your needs and create a perfect rice packaging experience for you.
Equipped with PLC dual-core controller + weighing controller, color touch screen, intelligent adaptive,
Various packaging settings and bag number recording functions provide you with scientific and reasonable control.
Fully automatic sewing and cutting, conveying and lifting, printing inspection, qualification, grade, production date on the bag,
Bringing you convenient operation and perfect production management experience.
The machine is equipped with an intelligent control system, making the operation simple and easy to understand.
Through the touch screen interface, production reports include production quantities, productivity, etc.
Can be printed out as a record. Help control your production schedule.
At the same time, ANON also provides other types of rice mill equipment for purchase.
Everyone is welcome to leave a message to inquire about product details, and don’t miss out on high-quality suppliers.

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Packing Machine Series

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Packing Machine Series


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