Towards a globalized corporate culture

Creating a creative work environment and pursuing excellence in teamwork.

Teams Working Together
Study & Research

Employee training


Product Knowledge Training

Learn product features, benefits, and application scenarios to be able to provide accurate product information to customers.


Customer Service Skills Training

Understanding customers' needs, providing personalized solutions and offering them excellent after-sales support.

Market analysis

Market analysis training

Developing market acumen and innovative thinking to maintain our competitive edge in the field of agricultural machinery export trade.

Blaze new trailsn

Technological innovations

Provide continuous learning opportunities including attending industry seminars, training courses and workshops to keep abreast of the latest technologies and trends in the industry.


Employee Feedback

My experience with this company has allowed me to grow tremendously. I have had the privilege of working on many challenging projects, learning and applying advanced mechanical engineering techniques. The teamwork atmosphere and support allows me to utilize my talents to the fullest while providing high quality solutions to our customers.

Nathan Roth

Mechanical engineer

As a Marketing Manager, I am grateful for the wide scope of development this company offers me. I have the opportunity to be involved in the development and execution of marketing strategies and to build strong partnerships with clients. The culture of innovation and market insights here inspires my creativity and enables me to succeed in a competitive market.

Rosalee Nelson

Marketing manager

I have had the privilege of being involved in and responsible for employee recruitment, training and benefits. I enjoy communicating and collaborating with employees from all departments to help them achieve their personal and professional development. At this company, we focus on the work environment and welfare of our employees and are committed to creating a positive and harmonious work atmosphere.

Finley King


I am honored to contribute to the daily operations of this company. It is a friendly and dynamic work environment where team members support and cooperate with each other. I have learned a lot of skills and experience in the real world, as well as developed my organizational and coordination skills.

Ayaan Henry

Clerical Assistant

I enjoy working for this company. Our team is committed to continually striving for excellence and providing the best technical support to our customers. I have had the opportunity to learn and become proficient in the latest mechanical technology and solve a variety of customer problems with our products. I take pride in being able to provide reliable solutions to our customers.

Nixon Stewart

Mechanical technician

In this company, I am fully supported and encouraged and have the opportunity to participate in various marketing activities. The marketing team here works closely together and works together to achieve sales targets. I have learned how to build good relationships with customers and drive the successful promotion of products in the market.

Yadiel Brady

Marketing Specialist

As a new marketing intern, I am very excited and honored to be joining this company. During this short internship, I have had the opportunity to learn the basics of marketing and participate in various marketing activities. The team atmosphere and mentorship have helped me to adapt to the working environment and I have gained valuable practical experience and professional skills.

Jensen Brown

Market Research Analyst
Relax & Team Building

Organize Activity

Career opportunities

Working at Anon

Anon is expanding its reach and welcomes talent from all over the world to join Anon and grow with us.

Sales Manager

  • Responsible for developing sales strategies and targets to drive sales and market share growth of the company's agricultural machinery products.
  • Manage the sales team, coaching and motivating team members to ensure the team meets sales targets.
  • Develop and maintain customer relationships and establish long-term partnerships with domestic and international customers.
  • Analyze market trends and competitors and develop sales strategies accordingly.
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Product Manager

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Supply Chain Manager

Marketing Specialist