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Husker Machine Series

The rice hulling machine series is a professional rice hulling equipment.
It can operate efficiently and automatically and is suitable for a variety of rice varieties.
Completing multiple steps such as cleaning, shelling, screening and separation ensures the integrity and quality of the rice.
The ANON platform can provide you with rubber drum hulling machines,
Rice huskers, paddy hullers, laboratory paddy hullers, small rice mills and other equipment,
Improve shelling efficiency and production capacity, reduce energy consumption and food loss.
Suitable for farmland and processing plants, providing high-quality shelling services to rice farmers and processors.
With its excellent quality and outstanding functional advantages, we
It has won the trust and recognition of the majority of agricultural producers.

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Our series of rice hulling machines,
Whether it is a rubber drum huller, a rice husk machine, a laboratory huller or a small rice mill, they all adhere to the principle of efficiency and convenience.
Help agricultural producers improve production efficiency and product quality with excellent quality and functional advantages.
Our rice huller is specially designed for processing rice husk.
It can quickly and effectively separate rice husks and grains and improve the purity of grains.
Using advanced energy-saving technology, the rice husk machine greatly reduces energy consumption while cleaning rice husks.
It can adapt to different types and specifications of grains, providing users with diverse rice milling options.
ANON can provide many rice milling equipment products. If you have any questions about our machines,
You can leave a message or call us for product details.
We will solve product problems for you and let you choose suitable production equipment.
By choosing our products, you will enjoy the convenience and value brought by advanced technology!

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Husker Machine Series

Welcome to our Husker Machine Series column!

Husker Machine Series


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