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Paddy Cleaner Machine

The rice cleaning machine equipment provided by the ANON platform includes various types.
Supports combined cleaning machines, rice cleaning machines, and grain cleaning machines.
The vibrating screening machine and rice cleaning machine are integrated into one. Through a number of advanced technologies,
Providing you with a full range of cleaning and disposal solutions.
Our rice cleaning machine is an efficient and reliable agricultural machinery and equipment.
It aims to help farmers improve the quality and market competitiveness of rice.
It can quickly remove impurities, sediment and residues from rice,
And reasonable screening is carried out according to different sizes to ensure that the rice is clean and tidy.
It has certain advantages for those who need home use or rice milling equipment.
High-efficiency cleaning and processing capabilities greatly save labor costs and time, providing farmers with more convenience and benefits.

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The rice cleaning machine is easy to operate and maintain.
The intelligent control system can monitor and adjust the operating status of the equipment in real time.
Ensure the stability and safety of the machine.
The rice cleaning machine provided by ANON can finely clean the fine impurities on the surface of the rice.
Ensure rice quality and hygiene standards.
The grain cleaning machine is equipped with a powerful suction device and an efficient cleaning system.
It can quickly remove impurities such as chaff and hulls from the rice to ensure that the rice is clean and tidy.
The vibrating screening machine uses high-frequency vibration technology to screen rice according to different sizes.
Achieve the purpose of grading and sorting and improve the quality and market competitiveness of rice.
At the same time, in addition to the above cleaning equipment, we also provide various other types of rice milling equipment.
If you have the need to build a factory, we also support the 1-200TPD rice mill production line.
Finally, whether it is a small-scale farm or a large farm,
The agricultural equipment we provide can meet the needs of use.
Choose us, choose the guarantee of quality and efficiency!

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Paddy Cleaner Machine

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Paddy Cleaner Machine


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