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The rotary plow is a piece of equipment widely used in agricultural production.
It can be used for plowing, farming, land preparation and other occasions.
The traditional manual plowing method is time-consuming, laborious and inefficient.
Therefore, the rotary plow came into being and became an important tool in modern agricultural production.
The main components of a rotary plow include a tractor disc plow, a tractor furrower, a rotary tiller soil preparation machine, etc.
Among them, the tractor disc plow is a common equipment,
It is equipped with a set of discs that rotate to achieve the purpose of plowing and cultivating.
The plowing depth of the disc plow is adjustable and suitable for plowing needs of different depths.
Additionally, different numbers of discs can be selected to suit different sized fields.

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The tractor furrower provided by the ANON platform is another common rotary plow,
It can clean and dig water channels, drainage ditches, etc. in farmland.
The required trenches can be easily dug, improving the drainage capacity and irrigation effect of farmland.
The rotary tiller soil preparation machine is a multi-functional equipment.
It can be used not only for plowing and cultivating, but also for land preparation, weeding, weeding and other tasks.
In short, the rotary plow is an indispensable and important equipment for modern agricultural production.
Various problems in agricultural production can be easily solved by using different types of rotary plows,
Improve the yield and quality of farmland and bring the joy of harvest to agricultural production.
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