What does a rice mill do?How efficient is the rice mill?

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The rice mill is a special processing equipment for milling rice into rice.
Play an important role in rice processing.

The main function of the rice mill

  • Husking: Remove the bran from the outer layer of the rice to reveal the white flesh of the inner rice.
  • Broken: The rice grains are broken to remove the core white and endosperm.
  • Polishing: Polish the surface of rice grains by rubbing to increase the glossiness of rice.

The efficiency of a rice mill depends on its power and processing speed.
Generally speaking, the rice mill with higher power and faster processing speed has higher efficiency.

The rice milling equipment provided by our ANON platform includes various types,
Small household, experimental use, various grades of rice mill production lines, etc.

  • ANON 6N40 150-300kg/h Mini Rice Mill
  • The processing capacity of this mini rice mill is between 150-300kg per hour,
  • Although it has a smaller processing capacity than a large rice mill,
  • But good enough for small farmers or home use.

  • ANON 1tph Combined Commercial Rice Mill
  • The combined commercial rice mill can process several tons of rice per hour,
  • meeting the production needs of large-scale rice mills.
  • Mechanized production reduces labor costs.

ANON 1Ton/h Automatic Rice Milling Machine
AN20A rice milling machine integrates rice cleaning machine, rice destoner, rice huller,
Gravity valley sorting machine, rice milling machine, grading machine, hoist, motor and spare parts in one,
The processes of shelling, crushing and separation can be completed automatically.