ANON 4YZ 4 Row Corn Harvester,corn combine harvester

ANON 4YZ 4 Row Corn Harvester,corn combine harvester

Article Posting Date August 10, 2023
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The 4-row corn combine harvester is efficient and fast, and can harvest four rows of corn at the same time, greatly improving operating efficiency and production capacity.

ANON self-propelled corn harvester

A 4-row corn combine harvester is a combine harvester that harvests 4 rows of corn.
It is a large-scale agricultural machine that can complete harvesting, threshing, and cleaning of corn at one time
Loading and many other tasks.

ANON Row Corn Harvester
  • ANON 2023 4 Row Small Corn Combine Harvester Specifications
  • Adaptable:
  • 4 rows of headers are not affected by planting space and misoperation;
  • The hydraulic lifting cutting platform can be adjusted at any time according to the height of the ear to achieve the best effect;
  • Good performance:
  • 12-roller peeling machine, good peeling performance, less grain loss;
  • The cutter shaft diameter of the field returning machine is large, and the straw chopping effect is good;
  • The newly optimized bract conveying device and bract shredder make the return operation more thorough.
ANON Row Corn Harvester
  • efficient:
  • 6.0 meters short body design, small turning radius;
  • Large granary hydraulic design, less unloading, increase effective working time
  • High reliability:
  • Large gearbox + deceleration ring box, strong carrying capacity;
  • The main clutch adopts double linings, which has a long service life;
  • The grain elevator adopts 38-pitch chain, which has strong transmission capacity and high reliability;
  • The machine has reasonable and scientific design, good coordination, low fuel consumption, low noise and convenient maintenance.
  • Comfortable operation:
  • Equipped with a luxurious circular cab, the vision is wider;
  • Equipped with a reversing camera system, it is easy to grasp the vehicle situation;

corn combine Specification

  • 4 row corn combine harvester working FAQ
  • The harvester may cause some crop loss when running at high speed,
  • Needs to be debugged and optimized.
  • Under different terrain conditions, the harvester may encounter obstacles or fail to cut evenly.
  • It is necessary to strengthen the research on the adaptability to the terrain.
  • Due to machine width limitations, harvesters may take longer to tackle large areas, impacting overall operating efficiency.
  • Large machinery and equipment require regular maintenance,
  • This includes cleaning, lubricating and replacing worn parts to ensure proper operation.

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ANON 4YZ 4 Row Corn Harvester,corn combine harvester
ANON 4YZ 4 Row Corn Harvester,corn combine harvester

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