Corn combine harvester how it works?

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Corn is one of the important crops widely grown around the world.
As one of the representatives of modern agricultural machinery, the corn combine harvester
Plays an important role in corn harvesting.
Below we will introduce the definition of harvester in detail,
How it works and how to use and clean it properly,
At the same time, the technological process in the corn harvesting process is discussed.
Help foreign customers better understand and meet their needs for purchasing products.

What is a corn combine harvester

A corn combine harvester is an agricultural machinery equipment specially used to harvest corn.
Through advanced technology and design, it can harvest mature corn quickly and efficiently,
It also separates corn grains from straw to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

ANON corn combine harvester

This kind of equipment can complete the harvesting, threshing, shelling and other tasks of corn in a short time.
Greatly improve production and save labor costs.
A combine usually consists of an engine, a cutting device, a conveying mechanism,
It is composed of threshing device and other components and can complete multiple operating steps at one time.
Different models of corn harvesting machines can adapt to corn harvesting needs of different scales.

How farmers harvest corn

Traditionally, without a combine, farmers
Corn is usually or using a corn harvester.
Manual is mainly done using hand tools, which is inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive.
This method is inefficient, labor-intensive, low-yield, and prone to corn losses.
The corn requires skilled operation and can generally only complete a certain part of the work.
Such as simply harvesting or threshing.
This method has high , low labor , high output and small losses.
Modern farmers mainly use mechanized harvesting, such as combine harvesters.
This can greatly shorten time and increase yield.
The combine harvester harvests straw and corn cobs through a cutting device,
Then the straw is bundled through the baling device, and the corn kernels are stored in the temporary storage box.
Finally, the corn kernels are through the cleaning device.
Moreover, with agricultural harvester equipment, you only need to push the machine into the field,
It can automatically complete harvesting, threshing, detaching and other tasks to improve harvesting efficiency.

How does a combine clean the corn

The harvester completes the corn harvesting process through a series of working parts.
First, the cutting tool system cuts the corn stalks,
It is then sent to an internal processing system.
In the treatment system, corn kernels and straw will be separated.
The pellets will be stored in the and the straw will be discharged out of the machine.
As for cleaning corn,combine harvester are usually with cleaning devices,
It can remove and straw on the surface of corn to ensure the quality of harvested corn.

What is the process of combine harvester

After the above basic introduction to the corn combine harvester and the work flow,
Below ANON will introduce to you in detail the process steps of the machine.
This product information will also have important value for everyone to equipment.
In the process of harvesting with a harvester,
Farmers need to attach the machine to the tractor,
And adjust the tool height and working speed according to actual needs.
The combine will then automatically complete the work of cutting, separating and cleaning the corn.
The entire process is efficient and automated, which greatly improves work and reduces labor costs.

The work of the harvester mainly includes the following steps:
harvester enters the corn field: The harvester moves along the direction of the corn ridge and enters the corn field.
Ear cutting: The ear cutting device cuts the corn stalks from the corn ears.
Conveying: The cut corn ears are transported to the threshing device by the conveying device.
Threshing: The device separates the corn kernels from the corn ears and sends the corn kernels and straw to the cleaning device.
Cleaning: The cleaning device separates corn kernels from straw, impurities, etc.
Conveying: The cleaned corn kernels are to the grain tank by the device.
Grain : Corn kernels are from the grain bin.


The working of the corn combine harvester is simple and clear.
Through the synergy of cutters, threshing mechanisms and vibrating screening devices,
Complete corn harvesting,cleaning and other tasks.
The process flow of this equipment is also very smooth and can meet the needs of farmers.
And provide information for foreign customers to products.
I hope this article can provide certain value for farmers and foreign customers.
If you also need to purchase a harvester equipment for your own farm,
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I believe ANON will provide everyone with a solution.