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Corn is one of the most widely grown food crops in the world and an important feed crop.
As our living conditions improve, the demand for such crops has also greatly increased.
So, for farmers, if they want to export and sell more corn crop products,
More plants must be planted, which requires the use of agricultural machinery and equipment to complete and transportation.
The harvest of corn is an important link in agricultural production.
Traditional corn harvesting methods are inefficient and labor-intensive.
Therefore, the emergence of corn combine harvester has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of corn harvesting.
If you don’t know much about this kind of harvester, don’t miss the product information shared by ANON below.
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What is a corn combine harvester

ANON corn combine harvester

First of all, ANON needs to answer questions from farmers who are not familiar with this equipment.
What exactly is a corn combine harvester, basic information about this equipment, and other questions.
It integrates the functions of harvesting, peeling and de-hulling, which can greatly improve the efficiency of corn harvesting.
Compared with traditional manual harvesting, corn harvesters have significant advantages of being fast, saving labor and increasing yields.
Therefore, if you want to complete large-scale crop harvester work,
It is necessary to use one or more agricultural machinery and equipment, which is of great help to our time and capital costs.

How a harvester works

Next, let’s introduce in detail how the combine harvester completes the harvesting work.
While working, the combine drives slowly along the field.
When mature corn cobs are encountered, the device at the front end will cut off the corn cobs.
A conveyor belt transports the cut cobs along with the leaves into the machine.
In the part, the high-speed rotating grinding device will knock the corn kernels off the cob core and separate them.
The shelled corn kernels will enter the grain storage tank through the conveying pipe.
The leaves, cores, etc. are discharged through the port.

The working process of the corn combine harvester can be divided into the following steps:
(1) Cutting: The combine harvester first cuts the corn cobs from the root with a knife to achieve the first step of harvesting.
(2) Threshing: Next, the corn cobs enter the thresher through the conveying system, and the thresher separates the corn kernels from the corn cobs. Devices such as metal gears and hammers inside the thresher knock the corn kernels off the cob and collect them in a collection box.
(3) Cleaning: After threshing, the combine harvester will separate the corn kernels from impurities through fans and other devices to ensure the purity of the corn kernels.

How a combine harvester removes corn from the cob

For farmers who need to purchase this type of harvester,
In addition to understanding the basic information of machines and equipment,
Also wondering how a corn combine harvester removes corn from the cob.
In fact, it is very simple. During the cutting process of the combine harvester, the knife will cut the corn cob from the root.
The metal gears and hammers inside the thresher will knock the corn kernels off the cob.
And collect it into the collection box through the conveying system.
In this way, farmers can collect and preserve the corn kernels in the grain bins for subsequent processing and sales.

How we use a combine harvester

After we purchase the harvester equipment, how do farmers harvest corn with a corn combine harvester? How to operate?
Before using a combine harvester, farmers first need to ensure that the harvester is in good condition,
And carry out necessary maintenance and upkeep, which is necessary for machinery and equipment.
Harvesting corn with a combine harvester requires certain operating skills. Here are the general steps:
(1) Preparation: Check whether all components of the combine harvester are operating normally,
And make sure you add enough fuel and lubricant.
(2) Adjust the height of the tool: According to the growth of corn,
Adjust the height of the harvesting knife to ensure the best cut.
(3) Start the engine: Start the combine harvester engine according to the instructions in the operation manual.
And adjust the engine speed to achieve the appropriate working condition.
(4) Start harvesting: Move the combine harvester close to the corn field, advance slowly and maintain a certain traveling speed.
At the same time, observe the cutting effect to ensure that the corn cob can be completely cut.
(5) Clean up in time: During the harvesting process, clean up blocked corn cobs or weeds and other substances in time to ensure the normal operation of the combine harvester.
(6) End harvesting: When the of the corn field is completed, stop the work of the combine.
Thoroughly clean and maintain the equipment for next use.


Corn combine harvester is an important tool in modern production.
It greatly improves the efficiency and quality of corn through efficient and convenient working methods.
Farmers need to master correct operating skills when using combine harvesters.
to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.
I hope this article will help you understand the working principle and operation method of the combine harvester.
Of course, if you have any questions about our agricultural harvester equipment, you can leave a message online to inquire about product details.
We believe that we will provide satisfactory solutions to all farmer friends.