ANON Potato Harvester Machine

ANON Potato Harvester Machine

Article Posting Date July 24, 2023
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ANON tractor 3 point linkage 1 row garlic harvester small sweet potato digger.Simple structure, long service life, etc.

ANON automatic potato harvester

  • AN4U Series Potato Harvester has the merits of high efficiency, lower breakage, running fast without trembling,
  • and no blocking by the grasses. Moreover, the structure is simple and the operation life time is long, etc.
  • Main features of potato harvester
  • Automatic potato harvesters use devices such as blades or digging claws to cut potatoes away from the field below the ground and remove them.
  • Helps improve harvesting efficiency and reduces soil damage.
  • Some automatic potato harvesters also have washing and sorting functions.
  • Dirt and impurities can be removed while sorting based on characteristics such as size and shape.


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ANON Potato Harvester Machine
ANON Potato Harvester Machine

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