How to pick corn on a big farm?

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For large-scale farms, to achieve efficient fresh corn harvest,
It is very necessary to use advanced corn-specific machinery.
So what kind of machines do large farmers use to pick corn?

How farmers harvest corn

As large-scale farmers, we know that the quality of fresh corn is important to consumers.
Therefore, during planting, we strictly control soil quality and water sources,
Organic fertilizers and green pesticides are used to ensure that the corn is not polluted during its growth.
At the same time, we carry out irrigation and weeding scientifically and rationally according to the growth cycle of corn.
Let each corn fully absorb nutrients and maintain its sweet taste.

ANON corn picking machine

How do farmers harvest fresh corn?
When we don’t have a corn combine harvester, farmers can pick corn manually.
Manual picking of corn is usually divided into the following steps:
Ear picking: Farmers use a sickle or corn harvester to remove ears of corn from the corn plant.
Threshing: Farmers place corn ears on a threshing machine, and the threshing machine uses centrifugal force to separate corn kernels from bract leaves, chaff, etc.
Cleaning: Farmers place threshed corn kernels on a sieve, and the sieve separates the corn kernels from chaff, impurities, etc.
Manual picking of corn is relatively inefficient and labor-intensive.

What machine do farmers use to pick corn

When farmers own large areas of farmland, manual harvesting cannot be completed efficiently.
At this time, it is necessary to use corn combine harvester equipment to complete large-area harvesting work.
Corn combine harvester is an indispensable equipment in modern agricultural production.
It can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of pick corn.
The harvesting process steps are as follows:The ear picker picks the corn plants from the ground and separates the corn ears from the stalks.
The thresher uses the principles of centrifugal force, impact force or squeezing force to separate the corn kernels on the corn ears from the bract leaves, chaff, etc.
The cleaner uses wind power, screen and other principles to separate corn kernels from chaff, impurities, etc.
The use of combine harvesters can greatly improve corn harvesting efficiency, save manpower and time, and improve corn harvest quality.

In addition, large farms will also use corn pickers.
This method of pick corn only completes cutting and harvesting without threshing function.
Can reduce damage to particles.
In addition, some large farms will also use ordinary tractor-trailed or self-propelled combine harvesters.
Configure the corn cutting head for the job.
This universal harvester can be adapted to harvest different crops by replacing different harvesting heads.

In short, choose the appropriate mechanized corn harvesting equipment according to the actual situation,
It is the best solution for large farms to achieve efficient and high-quality pick corn.
If your farm requires a large combine harvester, consider these types of machines,
If you have any questions about our products, you can contact us directly for consultation.
I believe that our will provide you with a solution.