ANON 2 Row Corn Harvester

ANON 2 Row Corn Harvester

Article Posting Date July 24, 2023
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ANON hot sale 2 row corn harvester and corn picker combine harvester.
It can complete corn harvesting, threshing, cleaning, shelling, loading and other processes.

ANON Four wheel corn harvester

ANON corn harvester
  • Our main functions of the second-row corn harvester:
  • 1.Four-wheel drive;
  • 2.Peeling function;
  • 3.Smash to field funetion;
  • 4.Hydraulic lifting and lowering functions.
  • Functional characteristics of corn combine harvester
  • It can harvest dozens of acres of corn per hour, saving a lot of time and labor compared with traditional manual harvesting.
  • Harvest the corn into neat ears, and remove impurities and soil to ensure the quality of the corn.
  • The operation is simple, and only a few people can complete the harvesting operation.


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ANON 2 Row Corn Harvester
ANON 2 Row Corn Harvester

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