How tall is a combine harvester?

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What size combine harvester do you need? The height of different types of combine harvesters is also required according to the design and function, so the average height and width will vary. How tall is the average combine harvester? This is also very important for us to understand its size and specifications when selecting and operating an agricultural machinery harvester. When we choose a piece of agricultural machinery and equipment, we often choose among various types, which also makes it difficult for us to choose a harvester that suits us. Different types of mechanical equipment, such as wheeled, crawler, self-propelled, backpack and towed, also have different sizes. For specific measurement data, please refer to the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

The height of a conventional combine depends primarily on several factors: chassis height, cutter height, and discharge pipe height. The combination of these factors determines the overall height of the combine.

Wheel combine harvester: It has a lower height, generally between 2.5-3 meters, to adapt to flat terrain.

Crawler combine harvester: By using crawler tires, it provides better ground contact and traction, generally between 3-3.5 meters.

Self-propelled: This type of harvester has a sturdy chassis and a height-adjustable header, with an average height between 2.5m and 3.5m.

Knapsack Combine Harvester: This type of harvester is a hand-held unit carried on the back of the operator. They are generally of smaller size and lower height for easier handling and maneuverability.

Trailer: A mobile harvester pulled by a tractor. Its height also varies by model and design, generally between 2.5-3.5 meters.

The above height range of agricultural machinery and equipment is also collected by ANON based on conventional information. When choosing a suitable combine harvester, agricultural users also need to ensure the size of the machine from the perspective of the machine model, manufacturer and the height of each component. Moderate for flexible and efficient operation in field operations and to meet safety requirements.

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