ANON Grain Combine Harvester, Corn Combine Harvester

ANON Grain Combine Harvester, Corn Combine Harvester

Article Posting Date August 10, 2023
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A grain combine harvester is a machine that can harvest corn, wheat, and rice.
Complete harvesting, threshing, cleaning, loading and other work.

ANON Grain and Rice Harvester

The grain combine harvester integrates the harvesting functions of different crops,
Compared with using multiple single crop harvesters to operate in turn, it saves manpower and time costs.

At the same time, it can also make intelligent adjustments according to the characteristics of the crops,
Improved job quality and stability.

Grain Combine Harvester
  • 190 horsepower famous engine, strong power, improve your working efficiency;
  • Brand new cab, original air conditioner, the four seasons are like spring, and the driving is comfortable;
  • and the harvesting operation is efficient and flexible;
  • Adopt cutting flow+longitudinal axial flow threshing system,
  • the harvesting efficiency is high, and the harvesting speed is fast;
  • Improved cleaning room, cleaning is clean, the loss is small,
  • no grain is lost, no grain is leaked, and the grains are returned to the warehouse;
  • Optimize the transmission of the whole vehicle, and the harvesting efficiency is higher.
Grain Combine Harvester
  • Grain combine harvesters can replace manual harvesting, reducing labor intensity.
  • Improve crop quality: grain combine harvesters can be adjusted according to crop characteristics,
  • Improve crop quality.
  • Grain combine harvesters can reduce crop loss during harvesting.

Grain Combine Harvester Specification

ApplicationRice, Corn, Wheat
Working Width(mm)2890mm
Tractor Power(HP)190HP 
Dimension(L*W*H)6700*3110*3350 mm
Product nameCombine Rice Wheat Harvester
Cutting width (mm)2890
Wheel2 drive wheel, 2 direction wheel
Size6700*3110*3350 mm
FunctionCutting,threshing and collection
Speed2200 r/min
Feed quantity9 Kg/s
oil consunmption<=20kg/hm^2
Style4 Cycle Diesel

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ANON Grain Combine Harvester, Corn Combine Harvester
ANON Grain Combine Harvester, Corn Combine Harvester

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