Rice Combine Harvester: Price, Functional Use

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With the rapid development of our lives and the advancement of agricultural mechanization,
Now more and more farmers are choosing to use agricultural equipment to complete harvesting work.
It plays a vital role in increasing crop yields and reducing farmers’ physical labor.
In rice cultivation, the rice combine harvester is an important mechanical equipment.
It has brought great convenience and benefits to farmers.
It can combine multiple processes such as rice harvesting, clearing, digging, and transportation.
Improved harvesting efficiency and rice quality.
In this issue, ANON will give you a detailed introduction to the working principle of this combine harvester.
Contents such as usage and price,
To help you better understand and choose suitable agricultural machinery and equipment.

What is a rice combine harvester

First, let’s briefly introduce what a rice combine harvester tool is.
What are the different types of harvesters of this type?
Rice combine harvester is an agricultural machinery equipment specially used for harvesting rice.
It integrates multiple functions such as harvesting, threshing, and cleaning into one.
Able to efficiently complete rice harvesting and processing work.
It can continuously carry out harvesting operations while driving.
Greatly improve harvesting efficiency and reduce labor intensity,
It is one of the important development directions of agricultural mechanization.

ANON rice combine harvester

According to different usage methods and structural characteristics,
Rice combine harvester are mainly divided into three types: backpack type, self-propelled type and tractor type.
Backpack type: As the name suggests, this type of harvester needs to be operated by humans on the back.
Suitable for harvesting small rice fields.
It has a simple structure and flexible operation, and is suitable for mountainous areas with complex terrain.
Self-propelled: This type of harvester is equipped with a self-propelled device and is able to move and operate on its own,
Suitable for harvesting small and medium-sized rice fields.
It has the characteristics of high efficiency and automation, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
Trailed: This type of harvester needs to be pulled by a tractor to operate,
Suitable for harvesting large rice fields.
It has the characteristics of large harvesting width and fast operating speed, and is suitable for harvesting operations in large-area rice fields.

How a rice combine harvester works

The rice combine harvester mainly cuts mature rice ears through blades and cutting devices.
And transfer it to the internal threshing device for threshing and cleaning.
The entire work process is mainly divided into the following steps:
Cutting: The harvester cuts off the mature rice ears through rotating blades and cutting devices.
Conveying: The cut rice ears are conveyed to the threshing device through the conveying device.
Threshing: The threshing device will separate the rice grains and straw in the rice ear to obtain clean rice.
Cleaning: The cleaning device will clean and classify the threshed rice to remove impurities and unqualified grains.

Harvester use

For farmers who need to buy such a combine harvester,
Of course, what I want to know most is the use and purpose of the machine.
The main purpose of combine harvesters is to improve the efficiency and quality of rice harvesting.
It can greatly reduce manual labor and increase the harvesting speed of crops.
And can better retain the quality of rice.
In addition, rice combine harvester can also reduce labor intensity and labor time, bringing more economic benefits to farmers.
Compared with traditional manual harvesting methods, combine harvesters have more prominent advantages:
It can maintain the integrity of rice during the harvesting process and reduce losses, thereby improving yield and quality.
It can be and adapted according to the conditions of different rice fields, and is for various types of rice planting.

rice harvesting machine price

The price of the machine must be one of the questions that many farmer friends want to know most.
Currently, the price of rice combine harvesters varies based on factors such as brand, model, and features.
In the market, the price of a rice combine harvester may range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
ANON recommends that you consult with suppliers for product details.
When choosing to purchase a combine harvester, you should consider the following aspects:
Brand and reputation, choose well-known brand products, the quality and after-sales service are more guaranteed.
Scope of application: Choose the appropriate model according to your crop types and planting area.
Cost-effectiveness, consider the price and performance ratio of the machine itself.
After-sales service, choose a dealer that can provide comprehensive after-sales service.
Of course, if you have no purchasing experience, you can also call our staff for consultation.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.


In short, as an efficient agricultural machinery, the combine harvester can improve the efficiency and quality of rice harvesting.
I hope that through the introduction of this article,
It can help agricultural producers better understand and choose the rice combine harvester model that suits them.
Of course, our platform is not just about rice harvesters;
It also supports the provision of various types of crop harvesters, whether in walking mode or feeding mode.
The ANON platform can provide everything to meet everyone’s needs.
If you have any questions about our harvester products, you can leave a message for consultation. I believe,
Don’t miss our high-quality agricultural machinery supplier platform.