Steel Silo
ANON Steel Silo,Metal Silo

ANON Steel Silo,Metal Silo

Article Posting Date July 28, 2023
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Steel silos have the advantages of high strength, durability, and high space utilization, and can effectively store and protect materials.

ANON stainless steel silo

The steel silo is made of high-strength steel, which has good compression resistance and stability.
Ability to withstand stress and changes in the external environment.
The surface is usually treated with anti-corrosion, which has strong corrosion resistance and durability.
Longer in service life.
It is easy to install and disassemble, and relatively simple to maintain, which helps to reduce operating costs.

Steel silo maintenance
Once a month, check whether the tension ring on the roof of the warehouse, the process holes (ventilation holes, manholes, temperature measurement holes, etc.) and other bolted parts are in good condition,
Whether the fastening bolts are loose or the gasket is damaged;
Or cracks and other phenomena, and take maintenance measures according to the actual situation.
After the empty bin is unloaded, check the connection of the cone bucket (especially the bolt connection), welding
The surface of the cone bucket plate, etc.
If there are abnormal conditions such as welding deformation and desoldering, the feeding should be stopped.

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ANON Steel Silo,Metal Silo
ANON Steel Silo,Metal Silo

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