Which combine harvester is the best?

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The combine harvester is mainly a large-scale agricultural machinery that can harvest and thresh crops,
and complete the separation of grains from chaff, debris, stalks and other sundries.

The combine harvester has become an indispensable agricultural machinery for field operations.
Harvesting wheat with it can reduce threshing loss by 5-8% and save a lot of labor compared with general manual harvesting.
A large grain combine harvester can harvest 400-500 mu of wheat a day.

Best combine harvester 2023

  • There are several prerequisites to consider when choosing the best combine harvester for you.
  • There are so many brands and models, and the price of each product is also different,
  • Therefore, buyers also need to decide according to their own scale needs, and choose a combine harvester suitable for capacity and power performance.
ANON rice harvesters
  • Our ANON platform supports rice harvesters:
  • this machine is mainly used for harvesting and bundling grain and wheat.
  • Suitable for plains, hills, slopes, small fields, etc.
ANON Tracked Combine Harvester
  • ANON Mini Combine Harvester,
  • Low Price Self-propelled 4LZ-0.8 Wheat and Rice Harvester:
  • Mainly used to harvest rice and wheat grains by picking up rice and wheat ears and threshing,
  • with strong adaptability, high safety and good performance, efficient.
Large Rice Combine Harvester

In addition, there are other kinds of agricultural machinery products on our platform.
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