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Agricultural tractor trailer is one of the common tools in production.
With a tractor attached to the back of your trailer, you can achieve the convenience and efficiency of your farming operations.
Below, we will provide a detailed overview of farm tractor trailer,
Types, Definitions, Uses and Dimensions,
and focuses on the advantages trailers bring to farmers.

Tractor trailer types

Farm tractor trailer is on the tractor,
It usually consists of a frame, a carriage, a traction device, a braking device and other components.
Vehicles used to transport crops, agricultural and sideline products, agricultural machinery and tools and other items.
There are many types of trailers on the market, such as flatbed trailers, dump trailers, water tank trailers, trailers, tank trucks, etc.

ANON Farm Tractor Trailer

Different trailer types are suitable for different agricultural operation needs,
Able to provide diverse transportation solutions.
Farm tractor trailer can be divided into the following types:
General trailer: can be used to transport various materials, such as grain, feed, fertilizer, agricultural machinery, etc.
Special trailer: used to transport specific types of materials, such as liquid fertilizer trucks, feed spreader trucks, sugar cane transport trucks, etc.
Dump trailer: It can automatically dump materials in the through the system.
Non-dump trailer: requires labor or machinery for loading and unloading.

Farm trailer use

Agricultural trailers are mainly used to transport products, farm tools and other materials.
Can help farmers transport products from fields to warehouses or markets,
It can also be used to transport tools and materials needed for production.
Improved the of production.

Farm tractor trailer are mainly used in the following areas:
Land tillage: Used for tillage, soil turning and other tillage work to improve soil quality.
Farmland fertilization: Equipped with equipment to realize operations on farmland.
Helps increase crop yields.
Pesticide spraying: Equip equipment to spray pesticides on farmland to prevent and control pests and diseases.
Crop harvesting: Connect harvesting equipment to achieve of mature crops.
Transportation of agricultural products: transporting harvested agricultural products or agricultural supplies to designated locations,
Meet production and market needs.
Farm tractor trailers vary in size and load;
According to different uses and needs, farmers can choose the trailer that suits them.
The length of the general-purpose trailer is usually between 3-10 meters.
The width is 2-3 meters and the height is 1-2 meters. The size can be according to needs.

What does it bring to farmers

The use of trailers can improve agricultural production efficiency and reduce farmers’ physical labor.
Reduce production costs, ensure the quality and yield of agricultural products, and bring better economic benefits.
Using farm tractor trailer, farmers can complete a large number of transportation and operation tasks in a short time,
Greatly improve work.
Provide comprehensive support for agricultural production:
Improve work: used with agricultural tractors,
It can improve the efficiency of farmland operations and save and time costs.
Versatility: Different types of trailers are suitable for different farm operations.
This enables application of multiple functions.
Convenient and flexible: connecting and unloading the trailer is relatively simple,
Farmers can change different types of trailers at any time according to specific needs to adapt to different operating needs.


Through the above introduction, we can see that agricultural tractor trailers play an important role in modern production.
Its makes production more efficient and convenient, and is also an important support for the development of agricultural modernization.
Whether products, chemicals or farm equipment,
Trailers can improve , reduce labor, and offer flexibility and convenience.
Choosing a farm trailer that suits your needs will give farmers more advantages and convenience.
If your farm also has tractor trailer needs, you can learn more about agricultural machinery and equipment through our platform.
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