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ANON 4-Stroke Lawn Mower

ANON 4-Stroke Lawn Mower

Article Posting Date July 20, 2023
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The shoulder-mounted lawn mower is suitable for small lawns and narrow areas. It is easy to operate, highly portable, and has strong power and operating efficiency.

ANON shoulder type lawn mower

  • ANON Gasoline Agricultural lawn mower 4-stroke Lawn Mower
  • 1, four-stroke engine, easy to start fuel saving, easy to refuel;
  • 2, patented technology, alloy cylinder cover, high degree of match, stable and easy repair;
  • 3, double sealed bearing gearbox, more durable;
  • 4, continuously variable throttle, easy operation, extend the life of the machine;
  • 5, high elastic plastic shock absorber handle, comfortable grip, reduce fatigue;
  • 6, tailor-made straps, wear comfortable, ensure personal safety;
  • 7, many accessories, rope wheel blade, grass abutment cutter knife shield;
  • 8, widely used, garden farmland grass, wheat, rice, pasture, vegetable harvesting.
  • Advantages of shoulder-mounted lawn mowers
  • The shoulder-mounted lawn mower can put the entire device on the shoulder, and the user can move freely, which is more flexible and convenient.
  • It can cope with various types of terrain, such as slopes, uneven ground, etc., and has strong applicability.
  • The carrying method reduces the burden during use and is more comfortable.


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ANON 4-Stroke Lawn Mower
ANON 4-Stroke Lawn Mower

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