What is the difference between combine harvester and harvester?

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Harvesters are mainly used to harvest crops while Combine Harvesters do the harvesting,
It is an upgraded version of the harvester for multiple operations such as threshing and cleaning.

combine harvester and harvester are different

Harvesters are suitable for different terrains,
Easy to operate, but single function.
However, combine harvesters perform multiple functions, including cutting crops,
Threshing, separating the grain from the chaff, and cleaning the grain to remove impurities.
The use of combine harvesters has greatly improved the efficiency and speed of crop harvesting,
Improved the quality of harvested crops.
Provide farmers with better and more efficient food production at relatively low cost,
Whether it is dry land or wet land, there are corresponding types of equipment used.

ANON New Combine Rice Harvester
  • ANON New Combine Rice Harvester
  • For example, our combine harvester is mainly used in large-scale farmland,
  • Especially flat agricultural areas.
  • With larger working width and capacity, it can adapt to the needs of large-scale farms.
ANON Potato Harvester

According to the above comparison, choosing a harvester or a combine depends on the specific usage scenarios and needs.
Harvesters are optimal on small farms or in mountainous terrain.
In large-scale farmland, the high efficiency and comprehensive functions of the make it the first choice.

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