What is rice milling?Rice milling process flow chart

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Rice milling is the process of grinding and removing the outer bran layer of rice.
It is an important link in rice deep processing.

Rice milling process pdf

The rice milling process refers to a series of steps and processes for processing rice into rice.
The order and relationship of each process during the processing is also very important.
All steps of the rice processing flow chart will be introduced in detail below.

Rice milling process

rice milling process

  • Cleaning: This step is mainly to remove large particles of impurities such as rice husks, stones, branches, etc.
  • Pretreatment: The cleaned rice enters the pretreatment stage.
  • To soften the outer layer of rice skin to facilitate subsequent shelling.
  • Shelling: The shelling machine uses friction and pressure to remove the husk of the rice to obtain brown rice.
  • Featured: There may still be a small amount of impurities remaining in the hulled brown rice.
  • Whitening: The whitening machine uses friction and airflow to remove the rice skin and germ, and finally obtain white rice.
  • Impurity removal: The whitened rice may still contain some residual impurities, such as small particles, broken rice, etc.
  • Through impurity removal equipment, rice can be further purified to ensure quality.
  • Packaging: The final step is to package the processed rice for storage and sale.

Flow Chart

Rice milling process flow chart is an important link in the rice processing process.
Directly affects the quality and yield of rice.
The above is a common rice process, and there may be some subtle differences in different equipment.
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