What is rice huller machine?

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Rice huller machine is one of the common and important equipment in agricultural production.
Its function is to help farmers separate the rice from the rice husk,
Provide convenience for subsequent processing and utilization.
For foreign customers, understand the principles and classification of rice shelling machines,
It can help them better choose suitable equipment and improve rice processing efficiency and yield.
If you don’t know yet how it works and what types there are, then continue reading this article.

What is the meaning of rice hulling

Rice is one of the most important food crops in the world.
Plays an important role in mass production and consumption.
In the process of rice huller machine, shelling is an essential step.
In order to improve and reduce labor burden, rice shelling machine came into being.
So, before understanding the machine products, let’s first explain to you what does rice hulling mean?

ANON Rice Huller machine

Rice hulling refers to the process of separating harvested rice from rice husks.
The rice husk is the protective outer layer of the rice grain, which is the source of what we commonly call rice.
The shelling process is an indispensable part of agricultural production and is directly related to the quality and quantity of rice.
Rice husk, also known as rice husk, is composed of rice husk layer, pericarp layer, aleurone layer and germ.
The rice husk layer is the layer of the rice and has the function of protecting the internal tissue of the rice.
The peel layer is the second layer of the rice husk and plays a role in protecting the rice husk layer.
The aleurone layer is the middle layer of the rice husk and has nutritional value.
The germ is the innermost layer of rice and plays the role of germination and growth.

What is huller equipment

Rice huller machine is a machine specially designed to remove the husk of rice.
It consists of various and parts, including the feeding device,
Shelling device, separation device and discharge device, etc.
The key component of the shelling machine is the shelling device.
It uses different forces and movements to separate the rice husk from the rice grains.
Without the rice grains, peel off the rice husk and bran skin on the surface of the rice.
Effectively separate rice grains and bran hulls.
Rice hulling machine is a device used to remove the husk of rice.
It consists of the following main components:
Feeding mechanism: used to evenly transport rice to the shelling mechanism.
Shelling mechanism: used to peel off the rice husk.
Separating mechanism: used to separate the shelled rice and rice husk.

How does a Rice Huller Work

After reading the above information, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of rice shelling equipment.
So, let’s introduce how this machine works.
The working of the rice huller machine is to put the rice into the machine.
Through the friction between the rotating cylinder and the fixed cylinder,
The husk of the rice is peeled off to obtain the rice grains.
Rice shelling machines usually consist of motors, belts, bearings, and pulleys.
It is composed of belt drive, shelling drum, screen and other components.

Of course, the working principles of shelling machines are also different due to different types.
Each type of machine has its applicable scenarios and characteristics.
When choosing a rice shelling machine,
Users should consider factors such as rice type, yield, and processing technology,
In order to choose the equipment that suits your production needs.
Friction type rice shelling machine: uses to separate the rice husk from the rice grains.
Impact rice shelling machine: separates the rice husk from the rice grains through impact force.
Pressure rice hulling machine: uses pressure to separate the rice husk from the rice grains.
Air flow rice hulling machine: uses air flow and gravity to separate the rice husk from the rice grains.

Rice huller machine Summarize

As a key agricultural machinery and equipment, rice huller machine
It can efficiently remove rice husks and facilitate the acquisition of rice grains.
According to different working principles and technical characteristics,
There are many types of rice hulling machines available in the market.
Whether it is a traditional friction shelling machine or a modern air flow shelling machine,
It can meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers for rice shelling.
By using rice hullers, farmers and processors can be more efficient,
Process rice more quickly and contribute to the development of the rice industry.
Different types of rice shelling machines have their own functional characteristics to meet the needs of different.
We hope that this article can provide some help for everyone to understand the rice shelling machine.