What is parboiled rice milling process?

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Parboiled rice milling process technology is a traditional and effective method.
By steaming the grains, they become soft but not rotten and retain most of their nutrients.

Parboiled rice process flow

Parboiled rice refers to rice that has been cooked and has high nutritional value and taste.
The parboiled rice milling process technology mainly includes the following steps:
Cleaning the grain: First, the grain needs to be washed to remove impurities and sediments.
Soaking Grains: Washed grains need to be soaked to absorb moisture and soften them.
Cooking grains: Put the soaked grains into a parboiler and cook them.
Drying Grains: Cooked grains need to be properly dried to maintain their quality and storage stability.
Grinding grains: The dried grains need to be ground.
to remove the skin and impurities and obtain fine rice flour or flour.

Precautions for processing parboiled rice

The parboiled rice mill is a process that processes rice through soaking, cooking, drying, etc.
Then, conventional processing steps such as hulling, rice milling, color sorting, etc. are carried out to produce finished parboiled rice equipment.
In the parboiled rice milling process technology, you need to pay attention to the following points:
The raw materials for parboiled rice processing should be high-quality rice, such as early indica rice, indica rice, etc.
The soaking time should be adjusted according to the type of rice, water temperature and other factors.
Cooking temperature and time should be adjusted according to factors such as rice type and quality.
Drying temperature and time should be adjusted according to the type of rice, moisture content and other factors.

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