What is half feed harvester?Half feed mini combine harvester

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The half-feed combine harvester will be able to directly crush and compress the crops while harvesting, reducing the workload of subsequent processing.

Features of Half Feed Combine Harvester

The half-feed combine harvester adopts the method of first harvesting and then crushing,
Ability to complete harvesting operations quickly and efficiently,
Improved land use efficiency and crop yields.

If you have needs for small combine harvesters, our ANON platform provides various types of agricultural machinery.
Walk-behind rice and wheat harvesters, full-feed rice and wheat harvesters, half-feed small combine harvesters, and crawler-type, etc.
You can check detailed product information online through the official website.
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  • ANON Mini Rice Harvester
  • This machine is mainly used for harvesting and binding grain and wheat.
  • Suitable for plains, hills, slopes, small fields, etc.

  • ANON Mini Sugarcane Harvester
  • Small size, light weight, easy to transport and operate.
  • The price is low, and it is suitable for small-area sugarcane growers.

  • ANON Tracked Combine Harvester
  • Longer service life, suitable for all kinds of road surfaces.
  • Double pole harvesting, less stubble and high efficiency.
  • When threshing, the grass is not twisted, the load is low, and the threshing is clean.

In short, the half-feed combine harvester is an efficient and multi-functional agricultural machinery and equipment.
It can not only improve the harvesting efficiency of crops, but also reduce subsequent processing work and environmental pollution.
Bring economic benefits to farmers. It plays an important role in modern agricultural production.