What is difference between crawler tractor and wheel tractor?

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Tractors are indispensable power machinery in agricultural production.
It plays an important role in agricultural activities such as farming, sowing, harvesting, and transportation.
Tractors are divided into crawler tractor and wheeled tractor according to different running devices.

Difference between crawler tractor and wheel tractor

Crawler tractor and wheeled tractor are important equipment for our agricultural users.
Each has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a tractor, ANON reminds everyone that the decision needs to be based on actual operating needs.
So what is the difference between these two types of tractors?
The differences between these two tractors will be introduced in detail below.
And analyze which one is more suitable for you from the perspective of practical application.

Wheeled tractor are relatively more suitable for flat ground, such as farmland or roads.
It has fast traveling speed, small turning radius and strong operating flexibility.
Suitable for working on flat, solid ground.
But wet conditions can cause mud to stick to the tires, making farming more difficult.

Crawler tractor can maintain better stability on slippery, rugged terrain,
It has good passability and grip, and is suitable for working on wet or rocky land.
When working, the pressure on the soil is dispersed, reducing the extrusion and damage to the soil.
Therefore, it has certain advantages in protecting soil quality and reducing soil erosion.
But the driving speed is definitely slow, the control is inflexible, and the turning radius is large.

Wheeled and crawler tractors

It can be seen from the above product information that
The driving performance of crawler tractors and wheel tractors,
There is a clear difference in the impact on the soil as well as in terms of driving comfort and fuel economy.
So how do farmer friends choose an agricultural machinery and equipment that suits them?
ANON recommends that you decide based on operational capacity requirements, terrain environment and required functions.
Finally, factors such as purchase price and maintenance costs also need to be considered.
If farmer friends are unclear about our product details, they can also communicate with our professionals.
The platform will provide the best equipment solutions, and everyone is welcome to consult.