ANON Chili Harvesting Machine,Harvesting Chili Peppers

ANON Chili Harvesting Machine,Harvesting Chili Peppers

Article Posting Date October 10, 2023
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This chili harvesting machine is a new type of pepper developed and produced by our company.
It is suitable for mechanized harvesting of different varieties of peppers and pan peppers in different regions.

ANON Pepper Harvesting Machine

The pepper is an agricultural machinery equipment specially used for peppers.
It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low loss and labor saving.
Suitable for areas with large-scale pepper cultivation.
It can improve the efficiency and quality of pepper , reduce production costs, and promote the development of the pepper industry.

ANON pepper pepper fruit picking machine pepper picking machine
The operation performance has reached the domestic leading level and is cost-effective.
It has strong , high operating efficiency and good harvesting effect.
Adapt to structures in different regions. High operating and good adaptability.
It truly solves the problem of mechanized harvesting of peppers.

  • The pepper damage rate is low, the loss rate is small, and the picking is high.
  • The header adopts full speed drive and control lifting,
  • Effectively guarantee the picking quality of peppers.
  • The walking system adopts drive technology, and the power output adopts transfer case design,
  • Which has a simple structure and low failure rate.


Tractor Power(HP)190hp
Applicationchili harvesting machine
Working Width(mm)3600mm
Machine Typechili harvesting machine
TypeCombine Harvester
Drive TypeGear Drive
Usagepepper harvester
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameANON
Maximum unloading height4100mm
Unloading volume6.9CBM
Key Selling PointsHigh-accuracy
Marketing TypeNew Product 2023
Video outgoing-inspectionProvided
Machinery Test ReportProvided
Total breakage rate<4%
Minimum ground clearance415mm

Finally, this large pepper provided by our platform,
The new cleaning can fully separate the stems and peppers.
The new roller can remove peeled peppers and stems to reduce losses.

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ANON Chili Harvesting Machine,Harvesting Chili Peppers
ANON Chili Harvesting Machine,Harvesting Chili Peppers

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