How to harvest chillies,how to harvest chillies from a chilli plant

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For large-area pepper farmers,
It is necessary to use suitable mechanical equipment for mechanized harvesting of peppers.
So, what’s the best way to harvest chillies?

How to harvest peppers

First, a specialized pepper harvester can be used to quickly and continuously harvest chillies.
This type of harvester is equipped with a ring knife cutting at the front, which can neatly cut off pepper plants.
The cut pepper fruits will enter the collection box through the belt.

ANON harvest chillies

Secondly, you can also choose an ordinary vegetable harvester.
Equipped with a cutting head, adjusted to a suitable height for pepper stalks.
Slowly drive through the row of peppers to neatly cut off the peppers.
This method of harvest chillies is easy to operate.
Furthermore, ripe pepper fruits can be picked before harvesting.
Then use a harvester to cut off the remaining plants, which can keep the peppers intact as much as possible.

How farmers harvest chillies

For small-scale pepper farmers, peppers by hand is a common method.
But farmers need to bend down to pick the peppers, which is a relatively hard job.
If you have a pepper plantation, using a pepper is an effective way to harvest peppers.
It can greatly improve and is the best combination of efficiency and quality.
And it can directly reduce costs and reduce crop rate.

Harvest chillies is an important activity that requires equipment and technology.
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