What is a forage harvester for?

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The forage harvester is an indispensable and important mechanical equipment in modern agriculture.
It helps farmers harvest and store grass.
With the development of animal , more and more farmers are beginning to realize the importance of silage harvesters.
Below, ANON will introduce in detail the uses of silage and how to select and maintain them.

What does a forage harvester do

A forage harvester is a equipment specially used to harvest forage.
It consists of a header, silage machine, etc.
The cutting table cuts the grass, the silage machine presses the grass into silage, and the transports the silage to the location.
Pasture is an important feed in animal and is crucial to the growth and development of livestock.
Traditional forage methods require a lot of and can easily lead to a in forage quality.
However, the emergence of silage harvesters solves these problems.
It can harvest large amounts of grass and it into blocks in a short time,
To maintain the freshness and nutritional value of forage.

Why do we need a forage harvester

Pasture is an important source of feed for livestock.
Silage is a feed that provides sufficient nutrition to livestock to meet their daily needs.
Because the forage stalks are tough, special equipment is required to harvest them, otherwise it will be difficult to cut them off.
Traditional manual harvesting of forage is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the use of ordinary grain crop harvesters is not ideal.
Using a specially designed forage harvester, the task can be completed easily and quickly, greatly improving work efficiency.
At the same time, machine is more tidy, with less loss, the quality of silage.

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The emergence of silage harvesters can help farmers harvest forage quickly and efficiently.
And the forage is pressed into silage, so that it can be stored longer and have higher value.
The use of silage harvesters can bring the following benefits to farmers:
Improve: The harvesting efficiency of the silage harvester is dozens or even hundreds of times that of manual harvesting.
Reduce labor: Harvesters can replace manual harvesting, thereby reducing farmers’ labor intensity.
It can be stored longer and has higher value, thus improving the utilization rate of pasture.

What types are there

There are mainly different types of silage harvesters such as rotary knife type, knife type and knife type.
According to different working principles and structural characteristics, it can meet the harvesting needs of different regions and different crops.
When farmers use forage harvester,
The appropriate machine model and configuration should be based on the growth conditions of the crops and harvesting requirements.
When operating, pay attention to safety, use and maintain the machine to ensure the smooth progress of operations.
By understanding the silage harvester, farmers can better choose and use machinery and equipment that suits their production needs.
Improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

How should farmers maintain

Next, let’s talk about how to maintain and maintain the harvester equipment after use.
Forage harvesters are equipment that require regular to ensure their normal operation.
In order to maximize the effectiveness of the harvester, farmers need to pay attention to the following points when using the harvester equipment:
Regularly check the blade for wear: The blade is an important part of the forage harvester.
Keep the machine clean: After using the machine, it needs to be cleaned in time to avoid caused by residues.
Regularly check the various parts of the machine: Before use, you need to regularly check the various parts of the machine to ensure that it is working properly.


In short, harvesters are very important agricultural machinery and equipment that can bring many advantages to farmers.
The use of forage harvester can improve farmers’ labor and benefits.
According to different forage types and needs, farmers can choose a harvester suitable for their farmland and pasture.
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