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Rice is one of our main foods,
After harvesting, it needs to go through multiple processes before it can be eaten.
Therefore, in order to meet the growing market demand,
Using modern rice processing plant has become a necessary choice,
The rice milling machine equipment can automatically complete the grinding process efficiently, quickly and intelligently.
As people’s living standards improve, the demand for quality rice will be higher.
For rice mills, high-output rice milling equipment can bring greater production benefits.
Below, ANON will introduce in detail the advantages and uses of our platform’s 40-50TPD complete rice mill production line.

What is a rice processing plant

Everyone knows that rice can be milled through a variety of agricultural equipment.
For example, traditional handcrafts can maintain the high nutritional content of rice.
But now, as the population’s demand for high-quality rice increases, a series of rice work must be completed through modern large-scale rice mills.
The fully automatic rice mill is a rice processing equipment that integrates shelling, bran removal and whitening.
The rice is processed through a fully automated production line.
It is a processing plant where everything from cleaning, shelling, whitening, polishing, grading to packaging is completed by machines.
The above is a complete set of procedures for a rice processing plant. If you want to build a rice mill, these equipments are also essential.

ANON Rice processing plant

A specific rice processing plant production line generally consists of the following equipment:
Cleaning equipment: used to remove impurities, sediment, etc. in rice.
Shelling equipment: used to remove the husk of rice.
Whitening equipment: used to grind the endosperm in rice to turn it into white rice.
Polishing equipment: used to remove impurities and lint on the surface of white rice.
Grading equipment: used for grading white rice according to its quality.
Packaging equipment: used to pack white rice into bags or boxes.
Compared with traditional processing methods from the perspective of machinery and equipment,
The fully automatic rice mill has higher work efficiency and lower energy consumption,
This is why rice processing plants have become the preferred equipment for modern rice milling.

What machine is used to process rice

Farmer friends often ask related questions like this.
What kind of rice milling equipment is used to process rice also depends on the scope of use.
If you only use it at home or in a small workshop, the required daily output is only a few hundred kilograms per hour.
Then our platform can provide small household rice mills, 1TPD rice mill combinations and other equipment.
Of course, if you need to build a rice mill factory, the equipment required will also be determined based on the customer’s output.
The ANON platform can provide 1-200TPD rice milling production lines, and can also provide installation, training, after-sales and other issues.
Therefore, modern rice mill equipment is an indispensable agricultural tool for us.
Through such a rice processing plant, it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.
Ideal for meeting modern rice processing needs.

Advantages of fully automatic rice processing plant

Through the above detailed information about the fully automatic rice mill, everyone also has a certain understanding of our 40-50TPD combination rice mill.
Next, let’s introduce the main uses and advantages of this set of rice milling equipment in rice processing plant.
Through this information, I also hope that everyone will have a deeper understanding of ANON’s products.
This will also have certain reference value for you to purchase rice mill equipment, don’t miss it.

Our 40-50TPD production capacity is suitable for small and medium-sized rice processing companies.
It can process all kinds of rice. Compared with traditional processing, it has high processing efficiency.
The products have the advantages of good quality and simple operation.
Mechanized production is adopted in every process link, which greatly improves the efficiency of processing.
Compared with traditional processing methods, rice processing plant can complete rice processing at a faster speed, saving time and labor costs.
At the same time, the rice milling time and intensity can be adjusted as needed to ensure the rice milling ratio and quality.
Finally, the operational issues that everyone is worried about are easily solved.
Under normal circumstances, suppliers will provide pre-sales and after-sales technical and maintenance issues.

ANON service

After the above product details introduction and application and advantage introduction,
The fully automatic rice mill can realize the of rice processing and greatly improve the enterprise’s processing efficiency and product quality.
At the same time, purchase rice mill equipment from our platform, from factory drawing design, machine installation to after-sales service,
We both have good communication networks and have established long-term cooperative relationships.
We can provide personalized equipment design and configuration solutions according to customer needs.
Meet the needs of rice processing plant of different sizes and processing requirements.
If you have any questions about our products, you can leave a message online for details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.