How to choose the right combine harvester?

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The combine harvester is an important part of modern agricultural machinery.
It can help farmers harvest crops faster and more efficiently, making it possible to harvest more crops in a day.
Whether you decide to buy new or used, but with so much on the farm machinery market,
How should we choose the harvester we are satisfied with?

How to Choose a Harvester for Your Farm

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First of all, we must first understand the types of combine harvesters,
Highland barley combine harvester, cotton combine harvester, sugarcane combine harvester.
According to the harvesting method, it can be divided into: semi-feeding combine harvester and full-feeding combine harvester.
According to the way of walking: tire self-propelled, crawler self-propelled, hand-held self-propelled combine harvesters.

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When choosing a combine harvester, you also need to consider the following factors:
There are many brands of combine harvesters, choosing a well-known brand combine harvester can guarantee its quality and performance.
When choosing a combine harvester, you also need to consider its after-sales service.
Combine harvesters with better after-sales service can provide you with timely repair and maintenance services.

Different combines are suitable for different types of crops, such as wheat, corn, soybeans, etc.
Make sure you choose a combine that is suitable for the main crop you are growing.
Choose the right size combine for your field size and yield needs.
Smaller fields may only require a small combine,
While larger farms may require a large and efficient combine harvester to increase productivity.

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