How does the rice sheller work?

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Rice is one of the most important food crops in the world, ranking first in terms of planting area and output.
Rice sheller machine is an important equipment in the rice processing process.
Its function is to remove the husk from the rice to obtain brown rice.
There are many types of rice shelling machines, and their working principles are also different.
We will introduce the rice shelling machine in detail,
Include product details, working principles, functional uses, etc.

What is rice shelling machine

Rice sheller machine is a kind of shelling equipment specially used to peel and separate the bran in rice paddy.
It breaks the rice through the rice hulling mechanism, and then uses centrifugal force to effectively separate the broken bran and rice grains.
This shelling machine has compact structure, high shelling efficiency and excellent rice quality.
Not only that, the shelling machine can also effectively increase the processing speed of rice.
Reducing labor is an important tool for modern rice processing.

How does the rice sheller machine work

Rice hulling machine is a device that peels off the husk of rice.
It is an important equipment in the rice processing process.
Its function is to remove the husk of the rice to obtain brown rice.
The rice sheller machine mainly consists of a feed port and a vibrator.
It consists of roller, grain outlet and conveyor.

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Work process

Step 1: Feeding system
The rice sheller machine sends the rice to be shelled into the machine through the feeding system.
Step 2: Peeling System
The system is the core component of the rice shelling machine.
It mainly consists of peeling roller, friction plate and screen.
When the rice enters the shelling system, the shelling rollers exert pressure and rotate.
This causes frictional separation between the rice grains and the friction plate.
Step 3: Discharging system
The system is used to the peeled rice and rice husk.
Step Four: Control System
The control system is an important part of the rice shelling machine.
It can control the entire process.
By setting appropriate and operating modes,
The control system can realize control and adjustment of the shelling machine to achieve the best shelling effect.

Shelling machine type

Depending on the shelling mechanism,
Rice sheller machines can be divided into the following types:
Rubber roller shelling machine: Rubber roller machine is currently the most widely used rice shelling machine.
It consists of two rubber rollers, one fast and one slow.
When the rice passes through the rubber roller, due to the speed difference between the fast and slow rubber rollers,
The rice grains are torn and stripped of their husks.
Vibration shelling machine: The machine uses the principle of vibration to peel off the rice husk.
It consists of vibrating screen, magnet device, shelling mechanism, etc.
When the rice passes through the vibrating screen, due to the action of vibration,
Relative motion occurs between the rice and the husk, and the rice husk is peeled off.
Air flow shelling machine: The air flow shelling machine uses airflow to blow the rice husk away from it.
It consists of a feeding mechanism, a shelling mechanism, a fan, a separator, etc.

Rice sheller machine application

As one of the important equipment in the rice processing production line,
The main purpose of using tools is to help farmers process rice quickly and efficiently.
Improve rice yield and quality.

The functions and uses are mainly in the following aspects:
Efficient husking: The rice sheller machine can remove the rice husk.
Keeping the intact rice improves the processing quality of the rice.
Automated production: through automatic feeding, shelling and separation systems,
It realizes the automation of the production process and greatly reduces the intensity of manual labor.
Increased yields: through efficient shelling and separation processing,
It can increase the processing yield of rice and meet the needs of different scale production.
Precise screening: The cleaning and system can effectively remove impurities and immature grains,
Improved quality of processed rice.


In general, rice sheller machines play a vital role in modern rice processing and production.
Its efficient shelling function and automated production capabilities provide reliable guarantee for rice processing.
From product details to working principles and functional uses,
That’s it for the introduction of rice shelling machine.
I hope that through the introduction of this article, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the rice machine.
If you have further understanding and needs for rice mill equipment or other agricultural machinery and equipment,
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