How does a forage harvester work,Forage harvester uses

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The silage harvester is a special machine for producing silage harvester.
The forage harvester has the advantages of rich nutrition and long fresh-keeping period, and is an important source of animal husbandry feed.

Working principle of forage harvester

Silage harvesters use knives to cut crops into small pieces and collect them into containers.
It is usually equipped with multiple blades that quickly and efficiently cut the crop to the desired size.
Mainly used in farms and livestock farms for harvesting various crops,
Such as corn, sorghum, alfalfa, etc., made into silage.
It has high nutritional value and edible rate.

ANON Self-Propelled Silage Harvester Baler

The silage harvester provided by our platform is mainly used for
Harvesting corn, sorghum, grass, etc., can be used for multiple purposes,
Such as harvesting, chopping, kneading, blowing silage onto trailers, etc.

Silage harvester use

Silage has numerous benefits.
First, it retains the rich nutrients in crops,
Such as protein, fiber, vitamins, etc., so that livestock can obtain a balanced diet,
Enhance physical fitness and immunity.
Secondly, the humidity of silage is moderate, easy to digest and absorb,
Contributes to the healthy growth of livestock.
In addition, silage can also provide abundant energy,
Meet the daily activities and production needs of livestock.

ANON Self-Propelled Silage Harvester Baler

At the same time, the machine has multiple functional advantages,
It integrates header, feeder, shredder, compactor, baler and other functions into one.
It adopts advanced compression technology, which can tightly compress silage into blocks,
Effectively reduces the storage space occupied.
The self-propelled silage harvester baler has complete functions and can meet the needs of different operations.

In short, the silage harvester is a sharp tool to improve feed quality and efficiency.
It adopts advanced working principle and functional advantages,
Ability to cut and bale silage quickly and efficiently,
Provide high-quality feed supply for farms and livestock farms, and promote the healthy growth and development of livestock.
If you need this kind of machinery, please contact us in time,
We will provide high-quality products and professional guidance for use.