How does a combine work for corn?

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In simple terms, the working principle of the corn combine harvester is:
The header cuts off the ears of corn, and the thresher threshes the grains on the ears of corn,
Finally the grain conveyor transports the grain to the barn.

What are the advantages of a corn combine harvester for harvesting crops?

Not only corn kernels can be harvested, but also corn stalks can be collected and processed at the same time, which improves resource utilization efficiency.
The combine harvester adopts professional cutting and separating devices, which can maintain the stability of harvesting quality.

The following ANON provides you with several popular corn combine harvester products,
I hope it can help you choose the harvester that suits you.

  • ANON Mini Corn Harvester
  • The machine harvests one acre of corn in the field every hour,
  • Broken, peeled, washed,
  • It can be harvested when the ear height is more than 60 cm.
  • The taller the straw, the greater the viscosity.
  • ANON 2 Row Corn Harvester
  • ANON Hot Sell China Mini 2 Row Corn Harvester,
  • corn combine harvester equipment small harvester,
  • Four-wheel drive, automatic tare function.
  • ANON Full Feed Combine Harvester
  • Self-propelled machine, complete cutting, transportation, threshing,
  • separating, washing and collecting grain,
  • It adopts famous brand motor with high power, which provides sufficient power and higher performance.

In short, the fast, efficient and automatic operation of the corn combine harvester,
Features such as multi-functionality and stable quality provide convenience and assistance to farmers,
Improve the quality of corn harvesting operations and improve the quality of corn.
It provides farmers with efficient, safe and energy-saving harvesting methods,
Improve the production efficiency and quality of crops.
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