What machine is used to harvest peanuts?

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Harvest peanuts is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job, but with the development of technology,
Now there are many mechanical devices that can help farmers do this job.
Below we will introduce some common peanut harvesters and their functional characteristics.

How do you pick raw peanuts

In the traditional way of harvesting peanuts, farmers need to use simple tools such as hoes or plows,
Dig the peanut seedlings out of the soil, shake out the adhering soil, and then transport them to the sun.
The whole harvesting process requires a lot of labor, and its labor intensity is high, but the efficiency is very low.
When the harvest season encounters rainy weather, the peanuts often germinate or even mildew in the ground due to insufficient harvest.
With the improvement of the level of agricultural mechanization, the peanut harvester is gradually popularized,
It provides an efficient and convenient harvesting method for peanut production.

The peanut harvester is designed to make harvest peanuts easier and faster.
Farmers no longer need to hand-cut each peanut, nor do they need to bend over.
The types of peanut harvesters are also diverse, and different terrain environments need to be considered.
Hand-held peanut harvester: it is light, flexible and easy to operate.
Self-propelled peanut harvester: suitable for large-scale peanut fields, with features of automatic driving, high efficiency and labor saving.
Combine Harvester: A crop harvesting machine specially used for harvesting peanuts,
Integrating multiple functions can efficiently complete the harvesting and processing of peanuts.

In conclusion, peanut harvester can reduce labor cost.
Compared with the traditional peanut picking process, it can reduce the demand for human resources and reduce labor costs.
The agricultural equipment provided by our platform supports harvesting operations in multi-terrain environments,
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