What is the use of rice combine harvester?

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Rice combine harvester is a very important mechanized harvesting equipment in agriculture.
What are its main functions and functions? How can it help farmers?
Below ANON will give you detailed answers to the key points about rice combine harvesters.

The function of rice combine harvester

First, the rice combine harvester can complete the two steps of harvesting and threshing at the same time in one working process.
Traditionally, it is necessary to harvest with a harvester and then thresh with a thresher.
The combine harvester integrates two functions, greatly improving harvesting efficiency.
Second, the rice combine harvester adopts a crawler structure and travels smoothly.
It has strong adaptability and can adapt to wet and soft rice field terrain. The cutting is accurate and continuous, and the threshing rate is high.

ANON rice combine harvester

Third, the operation of the combine harvester is simple and easy to use.
Farmers only need to drive the equipment across the fields to complete the harvesting work.
Fourth, the combine harvester has a wide working area and can harvest a larger area per hour.
By improving operating efficiency, the harvesting cycle is shortened and rain is prevented from causing losses to the harvested rice.
Fifth, mechanized harvesting is more hygienic, can reduce the mixing of impurities, and ensure the quality of rice.

Why you need a harvester

After the above introduction, you should have a certain understanding of rice harvesters.
Next, let’s see why we need a rice combine harvester.
How do combine harvesters help farmers?

Rising labor costs: With the migration of rural labor force and the acceleration of urbanization,
The farm labor force is gradually decreasing, and traditional manual harvesting methods can no longer meet the growing demand for agricultural products.
The use of rice combine harvesters can greatly reduce reliance on manpower and reduce labor costs.
Improve efficiency: Rice combine harvester can complete harvesting tasks with higher speed and more precise operation,
This not only saves time, but also better maintains the quality of the rice.
Protect the farmland ecological environment: Rice combine harvesters use advanced technology to
It can reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and reduce the risk of contamination of soil and water resources.

To sum up, the rice combine harvester integrates harvesting and threshing functions.
Convenient, fast and efficient, it is a powerful assistant for farmers in harvesting.
It improves the yield and quality of rice and is an important equipment for promoting agricultural mechanization.
Finally, ANON also needs to remind you that when the harvester undergoes high-level work,
Regular maintenance is also required to extend its service life.
Maintenance mainly includes the following aspects: cleaning, lubrication and checking parts problems, etc.