What is the function of crawler in combine harvester?

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As the level of mechanization in our country continues to improve, various agricultural machinery have emerged.
The agricultural machinery and equipment of the ANON platform are exported to many countries.
Contains various types of crop harvester equipment to meet the needs of most farmers.
Among them, the crawler combine harvester relies on its unique advantages.
It has become an indispensable and important equipment in today’s agricultural production.
Many friends have asked us about crawler harvester equipment.
Below, we will introduce in detail the definition, structure and use of crawler combine harvesters,
Help you better understand this machine and provide more convenience for your agricultural production.
If you are interested in our equipment, you can come to the platform to purchase more products.

What is a tracked combine harvester

For friends who don’t know this kind of equipment, ANON still needs to answer the details about this harvester first.
A crawler combine harvester is a combine harvester with a crawler drive system.
It can drive on different terrain and road conditions, providing better stability and driving force.
It consists of power device, traveling device, operating device, conveying device, cleaning device, threshing device, grain conveying device and other parts.
The front end of the body is the cab, and the middle part is the traveling mechanism with crawler tracks.
The rear is equipped with cutting device, ceremony table, threshing device, etc.
It uses a power device to drive the cutting blade to cut crops.
Transport the cut crops to the ceremony table for threshing, and transport the grains to the granary after cleaning.
Compared with wheeled harvesters, crawler harvesters have better passability and stability.
Especially useful on muddy or bumpy fields.

ANON crawler combine harvester

The structure of the crawler combine harvester

In addition to the above product information of crawler harvesters introduced through ANON,
We also need to understand what the main structure of this device consists of,
This will be helpful for us in operating the harvester and maintaining the equipment.
A crawler combine harvester generally consists of four parts: cutter, conveyor, baler and control system.
When the machine is running, the cutter cuts the stems of the grain,
The grain is then sent to the baler via a conveyor for baling processing.
During the entire process, the control system will monitor the operating status of the machine.
Automatically adjust the speed and steering of the machine to ensure optimal harvesting results.

What is its use in agriculture

Crawler combine harvester are widely used in agriculture and are highly adaptable.
The ANON platform provides a variety of crop harvester equipment, which can basically meet everyone’s farmland harvesting needs.
The main use is to harvest grains, including wheat, barley, corn, rice, etc.
Able to efficiently complete the work of harvesting, threshing and cleaning impurities,
Greatly saves labor and time costs.
Our equipment can be used by both home users and large farms.
If you have restrictions on terrain, we can also provide wheeled or tracked harvesters.

In contemporary agricultural production, crawler combine harvester mainly have the following uses:
The first is to carry out crop harvesting operations.
It can quickly and efficiently harvest various crops and other food crops, greatly improving harvesting efficiency.
The second is to carry out threshing operations.
The harvested crops need to be separated from the straw and stems through a thresher.
The combine harvester integrates a threshing function,
Threshing can be completed at the same time as harvesting, eliminating the need for a separate threshing link.
The third is to carry out preliminary impurity removal operations.
The wind selector equipped with the harvester can remove most of the light impurities and initially remove impurities from the grain.
The fourth is to carry out rough processing operations.
The combine harvester realizes an integrated operation process from field to storage.

How to choose a harvester

Well, after the detailed product answer introduction above,
For our farmer friends who need to buy, how should we correctly choose the right harvester equipment?
When choosing a crawler combine harvester, farmers can consider the following factors.
Complex terrains such as mountains or wetlands: the crawler type is an ideal choice to adapt to different terrains.
Operation and Maintenance: Choosing a machine that is simple to operate and maintain can help you get better use of your combine harvester.
Harvesting area: Choose the appropriate machine model according to your farmland area.
Quality and Price: Choose a high-quality track-mounted combine harvester,
The stability and durability of the machine can be guaranteed, but the price will also increase accordingly.


Through the above introduction, we hope to help farmers understand the structure,
Uses and how to choose the right combine harvester.
When choosing a crawler combine harvester, please choose according to your actual needs and the terrain and road conditions of the crop area.
To ensure efficient completion of various farming tasks.
If you have no experience in purchasing agricultural machinery and equipment, you can also consult our professionals.
If you have any questions about our harvester equipment, you can leave a message online to inquire about product details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.