ANON Corn Rice Combine Harvester

ANON Corn Rice Combine Harvester

Article Posting Date August 10, 2023
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Large new wheat combine harvester that integrates the ability to harvest different crops such as wheat, rice, corn.

ANON Large new wheat combine harvester

Rice Combine Harvester
  • The 360-degree full-view air-conditioned cab makes driving more comfortable.
  • 110.3kW horsepower power configuration, enhanced,
  • The speed-increasing travel gearbox is equipped with a large-displacement HST, and the power output is strong.
  • The enhanced chassis is equipped with a driving gear train mechanism, which is highly reliable in use.
  • Widen the special high-toothed walkway for better trafficability in rotten fields.
  • The plug-in concave screen and conveying reversing device make cleaning simple and convenient.
  • Reel reinforcement for lodging crops, increased elasticity of spring teeth,
  • Increase the volume of the granary and increase the fuel tank.
Large new wheat combine harvester

The operator only needs to set the working parameters and monitor the machine running status,

The combine harvester can automatically complete the harvesting process. This not only greatly reduces the labor intensity,

It enables precise control of cutting depth, reducing crop loss and waste.

Combine Harvester Specification

ApplicationRice, Corn, Wheat
Working Width(mm)2500mm
Tractor Power(HP)150HP
Machine TypeCombine Harvester
TypeCombine Harvester
Drive TypeGear Drive
UsageGrain Harvester, Corn Harvester
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameANON
Applicable IndustriesFarms
Productivity1-1.46 hec/h
engine horsepower150HP(110KW)
Total losses(%)Rice≤3.0 ,Wheat≤1.5
lmpurity rate(%)≤2.0
Breakage rate(%)≤1.5

The large new wheat combine harvester relies on its multifunctional harvesting head and intelligent perception system,
Automatic operation and environmental protection features provide farmers with high efficiency,
A convenient harvesting solution that improves agricultural productivity and quality.

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ANON Corn Rice Combine Harvester
ANON Corn Rice Combine Harvester

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