What is the capacity of a small rice mill?

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Rice milling is a very important link in agricultural production.
Its quality and efficiency directly affect everyone’s daily food safety and the benefits of food production.
However, the traditional method of rice milling requires the use of large equipment and a lot of manpower.
The cost is very high.
Now, the emergence of small rice mill has solved this problem very well.
Abroad, especially in developing countries such as Africa and South America,
The demand for portable rice mills is very high.
Below, let’s take a closer look at the capacity and other related information of this rice mill.

What is small scale milling of rice

As a small household equipment, the small rice mill is mainly used for processing rice.
It usually consists of a motor, a rice milling machine head, a rice milling machine casing, a rice inlet, a rice outlet and other parts.
This type of machine is compact, lightweight and easy to carry.
It can be placed in the home kitchen to facilitate family processing of rice.

ANON small rice mill

Small rice mill is a machine specially designed for small-scale agricultural production.
It can process rice, wheat, corn and other grains into fine rice flour and coarse grains.
Compared with traditional rice mills, mini rice mills are more portable and flexible.
Simple operation and wider application range.
It is usually cylindrical in appearance and small in size, making it easy to carry and store.
When processing grain, the rice mill can be adjusted according to different needs.
Coarse rice and fine white rice flour of different qualities can be processed.
Small-scale rice milling refers to the processing of rice carried out on family or small farms.
It can help families better understand the rice processing process and ensure the quality, hygiene and safety of rice.

What is the capacity of a small rice mill

The general capacity of small portable rice mills is between 1-3kg.
Although it looks relatively small, its production efficiency is very high.
For example, the 6N40 household rice mill provided by our platform can produce 150-300kg/h.
Of course, other brands and types of mini rice milling equipment also have different outputs.
Generally, dozens of kilograms of grain can be processed in a single hour.
You can choose a small rice mill that suits you according to the size of your family or the needs of a small processing plant.

How efficient is rice milling

The efficiency of small rice milling machines is much higher than that of traditional rice milling methods.
It can process a large amount of grain in a short period of time, reducing the manual burden.
What’s more important is that it can process evenly and finely into purer rice noodles and whole grains.
Ensure that the nutritional content of food is not destroyed,
Improved product value and market competitiveness.
Compared with large rice mills, small rice mill are limited in size and power.
Its rice milling efficiency is relatively low.
Generally, the power is around 100-200W, and the complete rice milling process takes 10-20 minutes.
But this can already meet the needs of daily life.

Advantages of small rice mill

First of all, its production efficiency is high,
Processing can be completed in a shorter time, improving work efficiency.
Secondly, it can process high-quality rice flour and whole grains,
The content and nutrition of the product are improved, and the market acceptance is also higher.
In addition, the labor and material costs required by the portable rice mill are low,
It can help farmers save costs while ensuring processing quality and product value.
Ensure the quality, hygiene and safety of rice.
Finally, it can also be used to process other grains, such as wheat, corn, etc.
Using a rice mill to process rice allows you to better control the processing process.
Make the rice more delicate and taste better.
At the same time, the small rice mill is compact, lightweight and easy to carry.
It can be placed in the home kitchen to facilitate family processing of rice.


The application range of small rice mills is very wide.
It can be used in homes, restaurants, small processing plants and other places.
At home, it is enough to make homemade polished rice or brown rice to meet daily dietary needs.
It can also be used to process rice for catering to ensure the quality of catering.
It can also be used to process raw rice through a rice mill to produce various refined rice products.
If you also need to purchase this type of equipment, you can leave a message for consultation.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.