What is the best rice milling machine in the world?

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In modern agricultural production, rice milling machine is an essential piece of equipment.
However, there are so many brands and models of rice mills on the market that it can be dizzying.
So, what kind of rice mill is the best?

Types of rice mills

Before choosing the best rice milling machine, we need to understand what kind of rice mill is the best.
According to different whitening principles and the structure of the main working parts, rice mills can be divided into:
Sand roller rice mill: Uses two types of rollers: sand roller and iron roller.
The bran layer of brown rice is removed through the friction between the sand roller and the iron roller.
Iron roller rice mill: It uses two kinds of iron rollers to remove the bran layer of brown rice through the friction between the iron rollers.

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Characteristics of rice milling machine

The iron roller rice mill is a wipe-off type rice mill.
It has the characteristics of low roller linear speed and high pressure in the whitening chamber.
It is suitable for grinding strong late brown rice or for whitening and polishing rice in a multi-machine rice milling machine.
Sand roller rice mill is a grinding type rice mill.
The linear speed of the roller is high and the pressure in the whitening chamber is low.
Used for milling rice, wheat, barley and oats, etc.

40-50 TPD Complete Rice Mill Machine

Through the introduction of this article, I believe you have a clearer understanding of how to choose the best rice mill.
Multi-function, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection are the key features of the best rice mill.
When purchasing a rice mill, you should choose one based on your needs and budget.
If you are pursuing high-quality white rice, you can choose a rice mill with high bran removal rate and intact rice grains.
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