What is parboiled rice mill?Parboiled rice mill process

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Parboiled rice mill is a kind of equipment for processing grain, especially suitable for the production process of rice.
It processes grains into high-quality rice by steaming and milling them.
What is the working principle of steamed rice mill?
What are its advantages in rice milling?

How Parboiled Rice is Processed

The processing technology of parboiled rice mainly includes the following steps:
Raw rice grains remove impurities, stones.Soaking: Soak the cleaned rice in water to make it absorb water and reach the state of swelling.
Steaming: put the soaked rice into the steamer,
Cook it with high-temperature steam to make it fully cooked.
Drying: drying the cooked rice,
Remove water to make it reach the appropriate moisture content.
Rice milling: milling the dried rice,
The husk and bran powder are removed to obtain parboiled rice.

ANON Parboiled Rice Mill Plant,Parboiled Rice Mill Processing

This parboiled rice mill is not only suitable for rice milling machine, but also suitable for rice milling.
The equipment uses rice (paddy) as raw material, after cleaning, soaking, cooking, drying and other hydrothermal treatments,
It has the characteristics of high yield, high oil yield, long shelf life, and short cooking time.
Parboiled rice processing technology Paddy-cleaning-soaking-cooking-drying and cooling-hulling-grinding-grading polishing-coloring Choose-Package.

ANON Parboiled Rice Mill Plant,Parboiled Rice Mill Processing

Advantages of steamed rice milling machine

High production efficiency: the parboiling and rice milling machine adopts production mode,
The production efficiency is higher than that of traditional rice mills.
Stable quality: the use of advanced processing technology can ensure the stable quality of parboiled rice.
Simple operation: The parboiling and rice milling machine is easy to operate and easy to use.

Our company provides high-efficiency parboiling equipment of different specifications according to the variety and demand of rice.
Equipped with a precise temperature and humidity control system to ensure the cooking effect.
Help enterprises improve rice milling, reduce loss, and ensure food safety.

If you intend to invest in parboiled rice processing industry, parboiled rice mill is a good choice.