What is auto rice mill?How efficient is a rice mill?

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The emergence of auto rice mill machines has greatly changed the traditional rice processing model.
It improves the efficiency of rice processing and brings tangible benefits to farmers and rice processing enterprises.
It is a mechanical equipment that automatically processes rice into rice.
Compared with traditional rice milling by hand or by foot,
Fully automatic rice milling equipment has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and easy operation.
Very suitable for large-scale rice processing production.
ANON will introduce the product content of automatic rice milling machine in detail,
Working principle, efficiency and its advantages for farmers,

Introduction to auto rice mill

Simply put, an auto rice mill is a device that can automatically process rice.
Users only need to put the rice to be processed into the device,
Then set the relevant parameters (such as processing speed, rice grain size, etc.),
After starting the device, you can operate it according to the predetermined program.
During the entire process, users no longer need to perform any manual operations.
It not only saves time, but also reduces labor intensity.
It can automatically complete the entire process of rice milling, including cleaning, shelling, rice grinding, screening, etc.
We can adjust according to different rice varieties and different processing requirements to produce high-quality rice.
The equipment has compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
The ANON platform can be used to build rice milling processing plants according to customer production needs.

ANON automatic rice mill

Rice mill equipment usually includes the following main components:
Feeding device: used for input and transportation of rice.
Crushing device: performs preliminary crushing and shelling of rice.
Separating device: separates broken shells and rice.
Grinding device: Finely grinds the hulled rice.
Rice outlet control device: controls the rice output flow.
Electrical control system: Responsible for the operation and control of the entire equipment.

Auto rice mill type

There are many types of auto rice mill, which can be divided into the following types according to their structure and functions:
Small rice mill: suitable for home or small farm use.
Large automatic rice mill: suitable for use in large farms or processing plants.
Multifunctional rice mill: can grind rice, polish, shell, etc. at the same time.

How efficient is the rice mill

The automatic rice mill is efficient and fast.
Compared with traditional manual operation, it can greatly shorten the processing time,
And maintain a stable and efficient working state.
This means greater productivity and greater time savings for farmers.
There are many advantages of using an automatic rice mill.

First, it frees up their hands and gives them more time to do other things;
Secondly, because the equipment is easy to operate, even people without professional knowledge and skills can get started quickly;
Finally, it is also very cost-effective in terms of economy.
Although you need to invest a certain amount of money in the initial stage to purchase equipment,
However, due to its high efficiency and low loss characteristics, it will bring significant economic benefits under long-term operation.
The efficiency of an auto rice mill depends on its output and processing speed.
Generally speaking, the output of a small rice mill is dozens of kilograms per hour.
The output of large rice mills can reach several tons per hour.
Our fully automatic rice mill combination can reach 100-120TPD rice mill,
At the same time, the ANON platform also provides various other types of rice mill production lines to support the construction of rice mills.

  • Greatly improve processing efficiency and shorten production cycle.
  • Reduce labor intensity and make work easier and more convenient.
  • Improve the quality of rice grains, reduce grain loss rates, and ensure customer demand.
  • This machine has the advantages of compact structure, small size, convenient use and easy maintenance.
  • Therefore, it has a long service life and low failure rate, making it more suitable for use in rural areas.

What advantages can it bring to farmers

Compared with traditional manual operation, it has higher production efficiency and better product quality.
For farmers, using auto rice mill machines can not only reduce labor intensity, but also improve production efficiency.
If you are a modern agricultural producer who pursues efficiency and quality, then rice milling equipment is undoubtedly a choice you cannot miss.
It can help us bring the following advantages:
Improve processing efficiency: Reduce manpower investment and speed up rice processing.
Reduce production costs: save labor costs and improve production efficiency.
Improve product quality: Due to the precision processing of the rice mill, the quality of rice is more stable and reliable.
Increased revenue streams: Additional revenue can be earned through rice sales or processing fees.


To sum up, the automatic rice mill, with its efficient and convenient processing method,
It has greatly improved the rice processing process and not only improved the production capacity of rice processing enterprises, but also
It also brings tangible benefits to farmers.
Its emergence complies with the needs of large-scale standardized production,
It is an important equipment for the upgrading of rice processing industry. I believe it will be more widely used in the future.
If you want to know more about our complete set of rice mill equipment, you can leave a message for consultation.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.