What is a tractor cultivator used for?

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A tractor cultivator is a piece of machinery designed specifically for farming and plowing.
It is widely used in agricultural production,
It can turn the soil and create a good environment for crop growth.

Why would you use a tractor cultivator

First, a tractor cultivator can loosen the soil, remove standing water from the soil, and improve the soil structure.
By loosening the soil, the tiller mixes the bottom soil with the top soil,
Increase soil aeration and water .
This is great for root growth and uptake in plants.

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Secondly, the tractor cultivator can also eliminate weeds and vegetables, reducing the possibility of pests and diseases.
It is conducive to crop absorption and utilization and improves fertilizer efficiency.
At the same time, plowing can also bury remaining pesticides into the soil to reduce pollution.
Tractor tiller can also be used for field operations such as soil loosening, land preparation, weeding, fertilizing, harvesting, etc.

ANON Two Wheels Diesel Walking Tractor cultivator

In addition, as a small cultivator, the walking tractor tiller has the advantages of flexibility and portability.
It is small in size and easy to operate, and can easily enter small farmland or orchards.
This is very practical for some farmers with smaller areas.
The tractor cultivator can break up soil clods and remove during land preparation.
Create good conditions for sowing, irrigation and other operations.

Compared with traditional manual farming, tractor cultivators have a large working area, fast speed and good quality.
It not only reduces labor intensity, but also makes soil plowing more thorough, greatly improving work efficiency.
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