What is a crawler tractor?

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As an important part of modern agricultural equipment,
Crawler tractor, with their unique designs and powerful functions,
It has become the first choice tool for farmers to improve production efficiency and farmland conditions.

Crawler tractor product introduction

A crawler tractor is a tractor whose traveling device consists of guide wheels, follower wheels, supporting wheels, driving wheels and crawler tracks.
The power unit consists of an engine, gearbox, transmission shaft, and drive wheel.
It can drive the track to rotate, thereby driving the tractor to move.
The advantage of this tractor is that its landing area is larger than that of the wheel type.
Therefore, the ground pressure is small, and the adhesion to the road surface is strong, so the driving force it can provide is large.
The crawler chassis wraps an endless crawler track around the drive wheels and a set of rollers.
This enables the tractor to be towed and supported.

ANON crawler tractor

Crawler tractor range in power from 20 horsepower to over 500 horsepower,
Suitable for various agricultural operations, including farming, sowing, harvesting, transportation, etc.
The characteristics of crawler tractors are:
Strong traction, suitable for working in soft and slippery soil;
It has good passability and is suitable for wetlands and muddy terrain, such as rice fields, swamps, deserts, etc.
High stability, suitable for operation under load conditions;
Low noise and comfortable driving.

The purpose of crawler tractors

It is mainly used for farming, transportation, bulldozing, deep plowing and other operations in agricultural production.
It is highly adaptable:
When working in the field, the crawler tractor can complete plowing, sowing,
Various tasks such as fertilization and transportation.
The crawler track has a large grounding area and is not easy to sink into the soil, which is beneficial to protecting the surface structure.
In mountainous agriculture and forestry operations, crawler tractors have strong climbing capabilities.
Able to adapt to complex terrain. Its up and down swing is small and its operation stability is high.
In infrastructure construction, crawler tractors are ideal bulldozing machinery and equipment.
It can complete lifting, bulldozing, turning materials and other tasks.
The use of subsoil preparation machines and crawler tractors can deeply loosen soil and improve the physical properties of the soil.
Equipped with different excavation devices, it can carry out operations such as digging ditches and building dams.
Install front-end loaders and other devices to realize the loading, unloading and transportation of materials.

The main uses of crawler tractors are:
Tillage: used for plowing, harrowing, land preparation and other operations;
Seeding: used for sowing, fertilizing, spraying pesticides and other operations;
Harvest: Can be used for harvesting, threshing, baling and other operations;
Transportation: Can be used to transport crops, agricultural machinery, etc.

What can it bring to farmers

Crawler tractors bring efficient and convenient agricultural production methods to farmers.
Since its landing area is larger than that of the wheel type, the landing pressure is smaller.
It is suitable for wetlands and muddy terrain, which can improve farmers’ production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
It can be used as a bulldozing machine during agricultural earthwork operations such as ditching, cleaning fish ponds, and slope conversion to ladders.

As an important tool of modern agricultural equipment, crawler tractors have brought many benefits to farmers:
Improve production efficiency: crawler tractors have strong power and traction,
It can quickly complete farmland operations such as farming, sowing, and harvesting, greatly improving farmers’ production efficiency.
Reduce labor intensity: Traditional manual farming requires a lot of manpower input.
The use of this type of tractor can reduce the labor intensity of farmers,
Improve work efficiency and enable farmers to make better use of time and resources.
Improve farmland conditions: The traction and control performance of crawler tractors enable farmers to better carry out land consolidation, leveling and drainage and irrigation work, improve farmland drainage conditions and increase land utilization.

Crawler tractor purchase and maintenance

Crawler tractors are an indispensable tool in agricultural production.
It can bring higher production , lower production costs and better driving comfort to farmers.
When purchasing a crawler tractor, you should choose according to your own needs.
And pay attention to maintenance to maximize its effectiveness.

When purchasing a crawler tractor, you should consider the following factors:
Power: Choose the appropriate power according to the job ;
Wheelbase: Choose the appropriate according to operating conditions;
Accessories: Choose appropriate accessories according to job requirements;
Brand: Choosing a brand of crawler tractor can ensure quality and after-sales service.
Maintenance of crawler tractors
Maintenance mainly includes the following points:
Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance according to the instruction manual can extend the service life;
Timely maintenance: Timely maintenance when faults are discovered can avoid greater losses;
Pay attention to safety: When operating a crawler tractor, you should pay attention to safety to avoid accidents.