What does a mini combine harvester do?

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Small combine harvesters are mainly used to harvest crops, such as wheat, corn, soybeans, etc.
It uses equipment such as cutting devices and conveyor belts to quickly and efficiently remove crops from the field.

What are the advantages of small combine harvesters?

For farmers and users, combine harvesters are essential agricultural machinery products.
Tire self-propelled, crawler self-propelled, hand-held self-propelled combine harvesters,
These types of small harvesters are very suitable for use in wet or muddy farmland, which is convenient and can improve work efficiency.

Let me introduce the advantages and advantages of several small combine harvesters.
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Anon Rice Harvester Strapping Machine
  • Anon Rice Harvester Strapping Machine
  • The rice harvester strapping machine can bundle the rice into neat bundles,
  • Conducive to transportation and storage.
  • The engine drives the strapping machine to rotate,
  • Straps bind the rice into bundles.
  • ANON AN4K-50 Rice Harvester
  • This machine is mainly used for harvesting and bundling of grain and wheat.
  • Suitable for plains, hills, slopes, small fields, etc.,
  • Harvesting a large amount of rice at one time improves harvesting efficiency.
ANON Half Feed Rice Combine Harvester
  • ANON Half Feed Rice Combine Harvester
  • Help farmers increase the efficiency of rice and straw harvesting,
  • Improve the quality of rice and straw,
  • The product structure is simple and practical,
  • Semi-feeding and drum feeding are small, and the fuel consumption of the whole machine is low.

During the harvesting process, the small combine harvester can clean up the stalks of the crops,
Its functional features and benefits include harvesting crops, cleaning residues,
Crushing and crushing residues, adapting to a variety of crops and improving crop quality, etc.
By using small combines, farmers can be more efficient,
More convenient crop harvesting, improve agricultural production efficiency.

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