What are the 3 types of combine harvester?

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The combine harvester is an indispensable agricultural equipment in modern agriculture.
Combine harvester type also affects the efficiency of agricultural production.

combine harvester type

self-propelled combine harvester
The self-propelled combine harvester is a type that is powered by itself.
It has higher operating efficiency and flexibility.
High power, fast speed and high working efficiency.
Wheel combine harvesters are one of the most widely used combine harvester types.
It has a powerful power system and an efficient header, which can adapt to the harvesting needs of various crops.
The crawler combine harvester adopts a crawler structure, which has good passability and stability.
It is suitable for operations in special geographical environments such as mountains, hills and wetlands.

ANON Mini Rice Combine Harvester

ANON Self-propelled Garlic Harvester Machine
  • ANON Self-propelled Garlic Harvester Machine
  • Double-layer adjustable round knife for root cutting, low garlic injury rate;
  • Easy to pick up and high working efficiency;
  • Simple operation, easy maintenance;
  • The structure is smaller and the cost is lower.

ANON Grain Combine Harvester

The wheel combine harvester adopts four-wheel drive,
It can drive flexibly in different terrains and complex environments.
Its advantages are simple structure, convenient maintenance and strong adaptability.
Suitable for large-scale farmland operations.

To sum up, these three types of combines have their own characteristics.
The self-propelled combine harvester is suitable for automatic operations and saves labor costs;
Wheel combine harvesters are suitable for large-scale farmland operations;
Crawler combine harvesters are suitable for operations on complex terrain and special environments.
According to factors such as crop planting area and terrain conditions,
Choosing the right type of combine harvester can improve operating efficiency and reduce costs,
And the impact on the farmland environment is also smaller.