Walk Behind Tractor: Small Yet Mighty

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Since its invention in the late 1800s, the walk behind tractor has been one of the main equipment commonly used worldwide. It is increasingly popular in agricultural countries. Small farm owners are all fond of it in particular.

But how much do you know about walking tractors?

As one of the leading experts in the field of agricultural machinery, we will give you a detailed introduction. In this article, you will learn about various types of information about walking tractors.

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What is a Walk Behind Tractor

Walk behind tractor, is also known as a walking tractor, two-wheel tractor, or hand tractor.

It is a kind of mechanical equipment for gardening, greening, and small farmland.

It is small in size compared to an ordinary tractor, consisting of an adjustable handle and two wheels, equipped with a single axle.

The user generally walks behind the walking tractor. The operation can be completed by a single person.

Walk behind tractors, like other tractors, rely on diesel or gasoline for power.

By driving different agricultural tools, they then can complete different tasks. For example, they meet the needs of different occasions by being equipped with rototillers, planters, ditchers, and so on.

The familiar image of walk behind tractors is usually two-wheeled. Some types of walking tractors can also be converted into small four-wheeled tractors if there is a need for riding.

Advantages of a Walk Behind Tractor

If you are already considering buying a walk behind tractor, you may want to consider the following pros and cons.

Low Price

The most remarkable advantage of two-wheeled tractors is the price.

For example, the money you use to buy a small riding tractor. You can use them to buy a brand new hand tractor plus many accessories.

But when you get your four-wheeled riding tractor, you also need to buy some accessories. What you do know is that the accessories for a regular size tractor are often already expensive. Some of them even cost about as much as a walking tractor.

The price of the walking tractor is cheaper than the price of the general four-wheel tractor. Also, its corresponding accessories price is much cheaper than the four-wheel tractor’s.

Less Storage Space

A walk behind tractor will have more advantages in space than a four-wheeled tractor.

The first is in the growing space of crops. If you have limited planting space, the field can not allow 10-20 feet of blank space for your tractor to turn. Then, a walking tractor is your best choice.

Walking tractors do not require much free space on the ground. Only a few feet can allow it to complete the U-turn work, greatly saving you valuable planting space.

The second is its storage space. If we buy a four-wheel tractor, we need to create a larger storage space for your four-wheel tractor. You don’t want your new tractor to be exposed to the sun or rain, do you?

The storage space of a hand-propelled tractor is relatively small. You can easily put it in your storage unit.

You might want to consider your warehouse. If the storage area is limited, the hand tractor must be your best choice.

Easy to Move

One important reason the walking tractor is popular with small farmers is that it is easier to move. Take its attachments for example, it only takes one or two people to pick up most of the tools.

Besides, if you want to move a riding four-wheeled tractor, you may need a large, sturdy trailer to pull. With a walk behind tractor, you do not need too much trouble.

All you need is a visible ramp, and the tractor can move at will.

Good for Ground

Compared with four-wheel tractors, walk behind tractors have a lighter weight. This effectively reduces soil compaction. Soft soil that has just been plowed will not become solid patches. So, it ensures healthier soil conditions.

Because of its small and light body, it is not easy to cause damage to crops. This allows the tractor to work during the growing period of the crop. What is more, this also has great benefits in maintaining the productivity of the land in the long term.

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What can You Do with a Walk Behind Tractor

It seems that walk behind tractors may not work as efficiently as four-wheel tractors,

However, they can play a big important role in all aspects of agricultural production.

By carrying different attachments, the walking tractor can flexibly fit into any situations.

They could have different functions and adapt to different farming periods.

Let’s take a look at what a walking tractor can do before planting and after the crop is ripe.

In the spring planting period, the walking tractor can rotate the ground, ditch, ridge, and so on.

That will create good soil conditions for the growth of crops.

With the arrival of the summer planting season, the walk behin tractor can also sow single-row corn, double-row corn, and sow wheat and peanuts.

It reduces the amount of manual labor and allows seeds to be spread quickly and evenly into the soil.

In the autumn harvest season, walking tractors with the right attachments can also play a role in harvesting crops. It can be used to receive crops such as potatoes and corn, allowing farm workers to harvest more efficiently.

From all these function descriptions above, is this little tractor awesome?

We can see that although the walking tractor looks small, as long as it is used properly, you can do a lot of work with it!

Things Need to Pay Attention

When you buy a new walk behind tractor, you definitely want it to be properly protected. So that you can extend its service life and maximize its productivity. However, what do we need to know when we get this little machine? There are many things we need to pay attention to after we use it.

First, when you finish using the tractor, you should put it in the warehouse. But be careful not to put it together with fertilizers and pesticides. Otherwise, it may cause to avoid corrosion of parts. If you stop outside, you should also choose a dry and ventilated place, preferably on a higher ground. At the same time, plastic sheets should also be used to cover the machine to avoid damage and corrosion.

Second, when parked for a long time, it is best to use only some wood or stone piers to lift the tractor to reduce negative tire pressure. If the above tools are not available, the tire must be inflated by 10% to 20%. And remember to check often. Make sure they are inflated. Those are all crucial points.

Third, clean promptly after use. In particular, do not allow wet soil or oil to stay on your walk behind tractor for a long time. To prevent parts from rusting or clogging.

Fourth, after using your tractor, the cooling water, diesel oil, oil, etc. in the engine should be drained. Replace with clean water and oil the next time you use it.

Last but not least, use plastic sheets or oil paper and other things to bind the engine air filter, exhaust flue, water tank mouth, and other places firmly. These places are easy to enter dust. We should prevent the entry of debris and dust into tractors.

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After reading this passage, you must have a general understanding of walk behind tractor. It may help you make up your mind about whether to get one or not. Also, if you are still interested in other agricultural machinery, you are welcome to continue to browse our website ANON. We are the leader in agriculture and provide all the farm equipment you want!